Sunday, October 28, 2012

Movie Review - Chasing Mavericks

After months of not being able to report on any movies. I'm back. For those of you who love to follow my thoughts on movies that I have been to see.
Yesterday afternoon, I went to see Chasing Mavericks.  I knew when I first saw the trailers of this movie I wanted to see it, but it was not until it was in the final stages of the movie that I realized it was based on a true story. That even made the movie more wonderful.  The movie is about Gerald Butler who plays Frosty, an older surfer and a young man Jay (who turns 16 within the movie) played by Jonny Weston and their relationship as he trains Jay to be able to surf the Mavericks wave. They were both great!!!
The movie slowly shows the relationships around them, Jay with his mother played by Elizabeth Shue and Frosty with his wife and children. The story at times, in the first 30 minutes was a little slow, but that was soon forgotten as the relationships with others, school friends, enemies, first loves unfolds and you get to understand how it all comes together.
The way Frosty takes this young man and makes him learn the four principles of life, you begin to see how they intertwine and how although Frosty in the beginning is so reluctant to take on this young man, when his wife makes him realize the 'kid' will do it anyway (surf the big waves) he does.
I found myself with tears in my eyes at the end and sorry it was ending.  I wanted more of Jay and Frosty. And although you learn it is based on a true story and you discover what happens to Jay in real life you feel like you were let into a little bit of what drove him to want to surf the 'big mavericks'.
I liked this movie a lot.... 4 out of 5.
Hope you get to see it.
Until next time.