Monday, November 14, 2011

The Three Musketeers

Saturday night had my friend Trish and I sitting down on uncomfortable seats at our local theatre to watch the Three Musketeers. It was interesting as I watched it how I could not make up my mind about it. I liked it - yet something was missing what was it? There was lots of great sword fights. The personalities of the Musketeers was explored so you felt you knew each of them. The young budding relationships between the King and Queen plus D'Artagnan and the lady-in-waiting were done well enough. So what was missing. To tell you the truth I don't know, all I know something was - or was it the seats we were sitting in. Did I regret seeing the movie no. In fact I enjoyed the special effects of the boat flying through the air, the fight at sea being in the air and laughed several times. The usual manipulating Cardinal from that era was well played by Cristoph Waltz, and one cannot forget Milady so aptly played by Milla Jovovich, but somehow the romantic tension between her and Matthew MacFadyen I did not feel took.  At the end of the movie I was glad to have seen it and I realize I did not mention Orlando Bloom, oh well, I felt his part could have been played by anyone. Sorry Orlando. I will no doubt go and see the next Three Musketeers movie made. Somehow, they do have their level of enjoyability. I cannot suggest you run out and see it - wait till it comes on TV - although the big screen does make the air boats look grand.
3 stars out of 5 (could have been 2 1/2 but those air boats were well done).

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tower Heist

On Sunday afternoon I went to see Tower Heist. I had heard a review that said it was not that good, well I enjoyed it. I laughed a lot (always a hit with me) and found it 'cute'. Ben Stiller as the Towers Manager who is fired with along with two other employees, Casey Affleck as his brother-in-law (took awhile to figure out that connection) and the new 'Mexican' elevator operator, who were present when Ben Stiller's character attacked a car with a golf club.
Although this movie was made before the Madolf scandal became exposed the story of the rich man (Alan Alda) who lives in the Penthouse has scammed and the FBI (Tea Leoni) agent is trying to figure out where he has 22 million hidden away. Soon the fired ones, joined with thief Eddie Murphy and Matthew Broderick a newly bankrupted previous tenant are figuring out how they can find and steal the 22 million.
The cast works well together. I liked Ben Stiller in this role. He was not silly, just a man doing his job whether it was manager of the Tower, or main man on the stealing project. Eddie Murphy was great and Gabourey Sidibe was excellent in her smaller part role. This movie was a great one to see just to enjoy. No heavy topics, no violence, no sadness, just fun. Mind you, when they were up high on the Tower hanging and inside on the elevator (you have to see this) this person who is not that great about heights found the bottom of her feet tingling. Yes, that was quite thrilling to say the least.
So if you want to go see a movie, to laugh and not get bent out of shape (unless you don't like heights) then this is one to see. 
Three out of Five Stars.

Oranges and Sunshine

Once in a while you see a movie which does not 'leave you' for days. This is one of those movies. Our local Art Gallery brings in a movie a month for four months from the Toronto Film Festival (oh I do hope I can attend it next year) and this month the movie was Oranges and Sunshine. This compelling drama retells social worker Margaret Humphreys' played by Emily Watson, real life crusade to help displaced adults in Australia discover their true identities. The 'secret' which is exposed during this wonderful movie is that 130,000 children were sent from England to Australia from the 1950's through to the 1970's. Imagine, while we are working on our lives, children were being deported 130,000 of them.
It was by chance, sort of, that Margaret begins to realize children were sent to Australia and she is able to create support in visiting Australia to check out if there are others and there is. Most where told there parents were dead, some were used as cheap help and of course the Catholic Church is involved. Margaret Humphrey journey brings her to face danger of reprisals both physically and verbally, away from her family, where her husband is totally supportive and behind her as she travels between England and Australia. She also makes many friends with these adult displaced children. She finds out the parents, often a single mother, were told that the children were adopted by wonderful parents. David Wenham, whose voice is recognized as the actor from the movie Australia, plays an interesting role in this movie. Also one man tells the story of being separated from his sister saying this man came and asked him "do you want to go and live where there is Oranges and Sunshine". He was eight, living in an orphanage in England. Instead there was deprivation and abuse.
It took years before England and Australia acknowledged these deportations. The true victims were these adults, many of them abused as youngsters with no help to cope with their inner demons. At least there was a Margaret Humphrey who had compassion and a cause to bring to light another government cover up - this one relating to children.
Four out of Five stars

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Puss n Boots

It was inevitable that I would end up with Puss n Boots with a friend. Much to my surprise I enjoyed it all the way through. What Antonio Bandaras and Selma Hyack in particular did with the voices as the wonderful animation of the two main cats Puss n Boots and Miss Softpaws. We laughed and enjoyed the antics of the story with Humpty Dumpty following Jack and the bean stalk story. This movie may be for children, but adults will love it so do not hesitate to take the whole family. There is something for everyone, enough physical for little ones and words for the older ones. An enjoyable picture for the whole family.
4 out of 5.

Johnny English Reborn

I do not think I have laughed so long and so loud in a movie before. But I laughed long and hard in this one. I`m not a big fan of slap stick which I thought I would see, but luckily for me there was not much of that but Rowan Atkinson just made me laugh, laugh and laugh some more. And I`m not even a Mr Bean fan. The plot was good, and the early scenes of Rowan (Johnny English) in a Tibetan Monastery set the stage for things to come. Just when you think maybe the fun was over it begins all over again. If you want a laugh, then I highly recommend seeing this movie. It is one I will endeavor to see again. Oh yes you must stay and watch the credits role, because there is a fantastic kitchen scene. Just sit a bit and you won`t be disappointed - plus it explains a scene earlier in the movie which did not make sense.
4 stars out of 5.


When this movie was over I wanted more. More dancing. I also could not believe that the movie was over already. How the time flew. I don't remember the original Footloose well, so I was not comparing and Kenny Wormaid and Julianne Hough (a favorite of mine from Dancing with the Stars) did an admirable job with Dennis Quaid as the minister Dad - all acted well. But the dancing, I wish there had been more. If you like dancing and enjoy the teenage rebellion story, then you will enjoy this. I did. As I say I could have used more dancing.
3 out of 5 stars.