Saturday, June 1, 2013

After Earth movie review

I was not sure I wanted to see After Earth. Watching the previews with these large animals wanting to 'kill' humans I knew I would be frightened etc.  But, go see it I did and although I covered my eyes in certain scenes, and definitely had adrenalin racing through my veins, I was glad to see it mostly because of the discourse that Will Smith, who is listed as writing this movie, gives on FEAR!!  It's brilliant and worth seeing just for that as he teaches his son, Kitai played by his real life son Jaden about how not to exhibit fear. A lesson which gets learned by the end of the movie. They way Will explains fear is exactly how I teach it, but delivered so well. 
Their spaceship is wrecked on earth, a place where humans no longer live, but animals who hunt them do.  Cypher, Will Smith is injured so his young teenage son has to travel 100 miles over rough terrain with very variable day/night temperatures to get a beacon from the other part of the space ship. The adventures he goes through is what the story is mainly about, with flashbacks to the death of his sister to aid the impact of the story.  Young Jaden Smith, carries this movie and considering his age he does an incredible job. Will Smith's job as being the commander/father and learning about his son, who is strong minded and trying to impress him is truly a supporting role, done is the usual great Will Smith style.
If you like your adrenalin on high, action scenes with human fighting dangerous animals (even though animated) this is the movie to see.  Don't take young children, its violent and scaring even for an adult like me.
Mostly through the discourse on FEAR is why to see this movie and what is learned and taught about FEAR is worth the journey.
3 1/2 out of 5.

Epic - movie review

I am amazed these days when I go to see an animated movie how real they make everything and Epic is the same. Except for the gliding walk it could be real people and animals you are watching. Epic most definitely has an appeal for both adults and children alike.
The story of Mary Katherine (MK) who is voiced by Amanda Seyfried who gets shrunk by the Queen of the jungle and then spends time saving the forest. She hooks up with Josh Hutcherson - Nod and other Leafmen in their battle against Mandrake voiced by Chrisoph Waltz the evil one who wants to destroy the forest. Beyoncé is the voice of the Forest Queen, while Colin Farrell is her protector/friend.
This is a cute movie with the age old, good versus evil story. It moves quite quickly from scene to scene, with a lot of birds and other animals flying around carrying the fighting armies plus Nod and MK.
I think this might be a bit frightening for young children, but eight and above should enjoy it immensely.  I know the Dad sitting just down from me was laughing out loud several times and in one place a young boy sitting two rows down from me was up and jumping up and down with excitement.  Fun for the family!!!
3 out of 5.

Now You See Me - movie review

Now You See Me, is a movie worth going to see.  Why? because it is not like any other movie you have seen, it has magic, it has a most unexpected ending, and it is well acted.  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from beginning to end.  I sat there mesmerized by the story unfolding before me.
Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco play their roles wonderfully well. Woody as the elder statesmen and mentalist of the group, Jesse as the arrogant magician, Isla has the previous assistant to Jesse, but is now an escape artist and Dave who plays the young thief magician.
Then Mark Ruffalo as the FBI agent who is trying to capture these four as they steal a bank, from Paris, France no less and then give the money to the audience, plus other similar escapades.
I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between the four main actors, and that means the writers did their job.
The direction was good, because as I said, it kept my attention right to the very end.  I wanted more, I wanted to see some clips at the end (which more and more movies do these days) but no, the end was the end.  For a few hours of entertainment, because that is what it is, an entertainment movie, then go see this. Enjoy!
4 out of 5.