Monday, September 26, 2011


What an interesting movie Moneyball is. My friend and I went to see it Saturday night. Brad Pitt, how could we not. Not that I'm a baseball fan, soccer is my game, but I found myself fascinated with how this movie revolved. By the end of the movie I personally was excited, and will tell you why at the end. This movie is Brad Pitt all the way with a well done assist by Jonah Hill (before he lost his weight). Although Philip Hoffman played the manager of the team, his role is small and although he does it in his usual wonderful way this is a Brad Pitt movie, who as usual, takes on the role and becomes the role and you totally identify with the character he is playing. In this movie he is Billy Bean, general manager of the Oakland A's. He begins to work with Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) utilizing a whole new method to create a team.
I found it interesting, as an avid British soccer fan, watching how the trading, buying, working with the team members went on. I thought the lesson of how we get stuck in the 'old way of thinking' can restrict us from seeing the 'new'. Also, the director had many long pauses in this movie, and I remember thinking how 'slow' it appeared. I immediately understood how we are so programmed for movement and quickness that we lose the subtleties of life. This movie brings this together. The silences, with the people's faces reflecting the emotion going through them, was sublime. Also some of the long shots of the long walks down underneath the stadium had an effect. Bennett Miller, the director took this 'sport' movie and made an 'art' movie. A story of people, working to create a new theory, believing in it. Against all odds making it work. Also it is a story of a man who went after the dollar, and not have it work out, and who in the end stays within his integrity and refuses to go after the dollar. Unusual in this day and age. 
Now, the exciting part for me was the ending. The Red Sox team was bought by John Henry who goes on to use this new recruiting idea and ends up winning the World Series. John Henry has bought the British Soccer team Liverpool - which I follow and I'm excited because I'm sure he will use the same procedure to ensure Liverpool will be at the top of the game in a few years. Yeah!!!  For this reason I loved this movie, as it gave me hope.
All in all, this movie is thought provoking on different levels. Being open to new ideas, being willing to believe when everyone is saying no it won't work. Doing what is necessary to get the idea in production and not selling out on your own integrity.  Worth seeing
4 out of 5.

Killer Elite

If you read my movie reviews, you will know I do like the 'man' movies and this one was no exception. I had to go by myself, as my often movie goer did not want to see it, plus we had been see Moneyball the night before. But, I wanted to see this. Three main actors, Jason Statham, Robert DeNiro and Clive Owen. Three actors I like. In fact, surprisingly I have become a Jason Statham fan (probably from Transporters). Anyway, I took myself off to see this movie without any expectations. When I saw in the early credits it was based on a true story I really got excited. I like nothing better than 'based on a true story'. At the end it explains the movie is based on a book that was written.  The movie moves fast, first explaining why Jason Statham - Danny - character was wanting out of the assassination game, and then the story unfolds as to why he gets back in, to save his mentor - Robert DeNiro. It is quite a plot, he has to kill this three soldiers, so his friend is released and earn six million. Then the Clive Owen - Striker - is there trying to stop him. What I liked was at the end all three survive and although it leaves you wondering what will happen next to them, you are pulling for Danny to get what he wants, the girl and a quiet life.  Oh yes, lots of shooting, death and fighting with the usual car chases etc. I thought it was good for its type. I enjoyed it and did not mind going and missing some TV shows (mind you I had PVR'd them).  Even though it was Sunday night, I was surprised there were not more people in the theatre, although most were men and probably were surprised to see a white haired older women come in and sit down by herself. But heh, I'm a fan!!  Great going guys!
3 1/2 stars out of five.


I went to see this movie with a friend who is a Lab Technician. Talking about the movie after she said she was impressed with how well they had stayed to the protocols and the knowledge of how virus are spread. Other than that we had a lot of not so supporting things to say. First of all we both agreed this would have been better as a mini series as it needed more time. So many of the side bars were not completed, we were left in the dark, but you were wanting to know what happened to these people. Also there were times, ie, when Matt Damon's character hears gun fire from his neighbors house and we never do know what happened to them. Then they are going to the food trucks, but they never do say how they survive those months without food. Lots of holes. Did they end up on the editing floor. Who knows? Perhaps the DVD will have those holes filled in. The acting from all the well known actors was great. It was the editing. I felt I was watching a documentary without the over talking, a documentary has. It may have been better if they had a person telling the story, perhaps some of the 'holes' would have been filled.
In the meantime, if you want to see Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Jude Law plus Lawrence Fishburn and others do a great job, then you will enjoy this movie. For people like me who wonder about this or that, then it was lacking.
2 1/2 stars out of 5.

Apollo 18

As I like to know about space, and the premise of this movie I did not really understand until I saw the movie. Filmed like a documentary, it tells a story (supposed to be true) that footage from this secret voyage to the moon took place and what happened. That there is some kind of life on the moon. I must admit some of the scenes at the end I did not see. My eyes were covered. If you like sci-fi with high intensivity then you probably will enjoy this. It was interesting to note that we are used to color, rather than black and white - although shooting in black and white makes the dimensions of non color interesting. I must say the movie gives food for thought. It is well acted and the story is well told.
3 out of 5.