Monday, February 28, 2011


I took myself to see the movie I Am Number Four the other night. I enjoyed this movie. I found its storyline of aliens amongst us, having been sent here as babies with a protector because another race had destroyed their planet interesting. The story line was pretty easy to follow. Nine babies sent to be raised with each one having a protector. One by one they were being killed and the movie begins with Number Three reaching his end by the 'bad guys' who have come to ensure they do not grow up. Number four is the next one on their list.
Due to the action and interaction of the actors the movie flowed easily and the bad guys were very easily bad guys. I enjoyed the little beagle who was a shape shifter. Mostly I enjoyed Number Four Alex Pettyfer (who could be called Prettyboy). I also enjoyed it when Number six arrived, being a girl, who seemed further in command of the super natural powers than Number four. I was sorry to see the Protector die, but then that's part of the story line, plus the whispery (wimpy) voice of the Glee girl, Dianna Agron, I felt like "grow up" although she did the running away from the 'bad guys' well.
What I find interesting is that as the three young people drive away in order to find the 'other four' I was thinking, well I'll come and see the sequel.  I presume there is a sequel, or if not there definitely could be. Drop the girl friend though.  I give this movie a solid 3 out of 5.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back from Regina, Sask.

Just a quick note for those who follow me (which I totally appreciate). I was home from New Zealand for a total of one week and then I flew to Regina, Sask. to reaudit Level 2 and 3 of the Yuen Method with Sheila Unique. It was an amazing six days away.
First of all, I flew to Vancouver, no problem at all, except snow was beginning to fall as I left (a sign). In Vancouver it was announced that the plane may or may not land in Regina due to a snow storm and fog and that we would need to get on the plane knowing this. We all piled in and took off to fly the 2 1/2 hours to Regina. I immediately began to work on us landing successfully. I had a class to go to the next morning. As we approached Regina the pilot announced that it did not look good, but they were going to go to 2,000 feet and see if anything opened up.  Once more I went to work and then the pilot announced "the weather has unexpectedly broken up and we can land". So we did. If I made a difference I don't know, but I did do some 'work' on the situation (and I'm sure others in the plane did too) and we landed successfully, even though we slid a bit on the runway before slowing down enough to not slide on the ice/snow.
That wasn't the worst part though. After getting the paper work for my rental car, I had to get to it in a cold, cold, blowing wind and the ground was icy snow packed. I was so glad to finally drag my suitcase to the car and get myself in. (I can't tell you how cold and horrible that part was).  I couldn't open the trunk so had to get the suitcase in on the back seat. This had a repercussion in that the little light which says the trunk is open stayed on and finally the battery ran down and the car would not start. (That's coming up).
Arrived at my friend Joyce's place and driving down the side street to her house was an experience in itself as well. The side street has two ruts in the snow in which you drive so the car was thrown around a bit. I became more used to this after a day or two of driving, but in the beginning it felt very strange. Regina has had a lot of snow and the snow on either side of the driveway of Joyce's house is around 6ft high where it has been thrown when cleared.
The next day Friday, I drove (using my GPS - I'm really getting fond of this little tool) to class. I met Sheila Unique and the three other students. This began three days of learning how to utilize this method I have been working with for a year on a whole new level, which I enjoyed and have come away feeling I'm more insinc with working with the system. I will have an opportunity later today with a client who is coming to visit. Our workshop was held in a building in which a most wonderful coffee shop was housed. Wonderful food, so our breaks you could have coffee/tea and an assortment of baked goodies, plus for lunch we had homemade soup with a bun. For an out-of-towner it was great!
In the evening I spent with my friend Joyce, we went once to see the movie True Grit, which I have seen before (see but Joyce hadn't. I enjoyed it just as much the second time and Joyce agreed with me about Matt Damon in that role.
On the Sunday night we went to see Unknown with Liam Neesom, and we enjoyed it, and have just posted my review of that on the other blog.
Monday I had the day to drive Joyce (she doesn't drive) to get what she wanted. This was the day my car did not start (thanks to that little light) and the CAA man came and got the car going, which meant that we had to go for a nice drive around to ensure the battery was recharged. We drove to the north of town and saw all the snow covered fields and the shifting snow in the wind. It was pleasant for Joyce to see. The CAA man told me the trunk was frozen solid and it was no wonder I could not open it. I also banged my head quite hard on the outside mirror of his truck as I slid a little on the snow. It hurt and is still sore, but I'm OK.
Tuesday saw me get up, luckily it was warmer only minus 18. The weather during the week had been - 21 to - 29.  Drove to the airport and after the horror show of getting to my car, it was a snap returning from the parked car to the rental counter.  Then the long flight - Regina to Calgary then Calgary to Vancouver then Vancouver to Penticton to get home. A few hours stop over in each place, so was quite tired when I arrived back. So took an easy evening, watching the NCIS shows while I looked through emails.
Now life will be back to normal. Walking at 11am then clients beginning at 12.30 and meditation tonight.
Trust your last week has been as productive and enjoyable as mine.
Lots to look forward will keep you apprised.
Blessings with love


While in Regina I braved the cold to go see Unknown. It was worth it. I enjoyed Taken, and if you liked Taken, you will like this movie. Liam Neeson is the 'star' in both and he definitely is wonderful in these kinds of roles (think A-Men).  It has wonderful car chases, in fact perhaps one to many car chases, but they are worth watching. The premise of a man who awakens after a four day coma following a car accident to discover his wife doesn't recognize him and another man is him.
The unravelling of this dilemma is what the movie is about, the twists and turns as you attempt to figure out what is actually going on is part of the fun of this movie. In the middle you are given a clue. A brief second on the screen and my mind went to almost (not quite) what was going on. The issue was a little different than I thought (and I'm good at figuring out plots). I can't let you know, because if you go see it you want to see it not knowing what it is all about. If you want to spend a couple of hours being entertained with car chases, unknown aspects, good acting by all characters and some twists and turns, then this is a movie for you to see.  Enjoy.  4 out of 5.  (Lost points for the one to many car chases).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just Go With It

I was pleasantly surprised with the movie Just Go With In.  I enjoyed it!  I'm not a huge Jennifer Aniston fan and some of Adam Sandler's movies I have found just plain stupid. But this one was one of his 'good' ones. I laughed a lot. In fact I was often the only person person laughing (my sense of humor). I truly believe everyone who was in the theatre with me (it was a Sunday night) left having enjoyed it. Even though the premise was not one which appeals, a man pretending to be married in order to get girls, but the situations were funny, hilarious sometimes. The children were great in their roles, and the support players, including Nicole Kidman acted their parts wonderfully. The chemistry between Jennifer and Adam was really good, the timing was good. It did not take too long to realise how the ending would be and we were all waiting for it and felt happy when he finally 'woke up' to the fact who he truly loved.
I'm not sure who directed and edited it, but they did a great job. I would give this movie 3 1/2 based on the fact you get a wonderful time of laughter.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Kings Speech

This evening I took my 93 year old sister-in-law's Mum to see the Kings Speech. She had said she wanted to see it, so I said "so do I, lets go". She is so spry it gives me hope for when I'm that old. Again the seats were wonderful - armchairs (read the last entry for the Fighter regarding the theatres here in New Zealand).
The Kings Speech is phenomenal. I don't think I have anything really to say except .... wow .... what a movie. This movie is wonderfully cast. Colin Firth, who is cleaning up on the award circuit so far is brilliant. Geoffrey Rush is wonderful and my big surprise truly is Helen Bohnam Carter, who to me does all sorts of crazy roles and here she is making the perfect Queen Mum. No wonder they got the ensemble award at the SAG awards the other night.
If you see one movie this year, this one is worth seeing. Based on the true story of King George VI you see behind the scenes on a time period when the world was in a bit of disarray with King Edward abdicating and the Second World War brewing. The story of how the King (the second son and all that means in royal households - think Prince Andrew and Prince Harry) who stammers had to overcome it all to speak on the radio and bring his people together. Brilliant. Triumph over adversity.
In all honesty I have to give this movie 5 out of 5, and hope the Oscars do give it to them, but who knows it is not an 'American' film. Although I do think Colin Firth will win it - hopefully.

The Fighter - movie review

Here I am in New Zealand and managed to see two movies today. First of all I must explain about the movie experience. I twice went to see this movie The Fighter at home and each time did not get to see it. I think I did not want to see people fighting. Anyway, today I had some time to spend and the Fighter was on. So into this theatre I went. Well first when you buy your ticket you also are at the concession stand so you can buy right there whatever you want to eat. Not that I had anything, but liked the idea of all in one. Then the lady who is selling me the ticket, turns the terminal around and picks a seat for me. So before I go in I know what seat I'm sitting in. Revolutionary! But, the big surprise came once I was in the theatre. Beautiful armchair chairs to sit in. Wow, what comfort. So here I am in a comfortable seat ready to watch the movie, which twice before I was going to go see and didn't. Third time lucky I guess.

The movie was way beyond my expectations. It really is a story of two brothers and this large family of nine, two boys and seven girls and the youngest boy in relationship with his crack head brother, who had been a boxer with promise. Now its the younger ones turn and how that works out.
I thought this movie was interesting. I look to see what emotions I feel during a movie. I laughed a couple of times, I definitely cried and I felt sad often. So the movie did its job. It took me through a range of feelings, it was very well acted and directed. Amy Adams shows a different character for her wonderfully well, foul mouth and all. Not enough can be said of the acting of my favorite batman. He had the character down perfectly. Mind you he is a phenomenal actor. When you see the clip at the end of the actual brothers you really appreciate how well he has acted the part. No wonder he is getting awards.  Walburg, also the producer did his part too. The quieter, younger brother who worshipped his older brother. You realize what he has to do in order to move ahead. 
I did not like the fight scenes, but they were mostly at the end of the movie wrapping up the story and I blanched a few times, but again well done.  This is a story of overcoming, overcoming family, overcoming beliefs and overcoming ones own doubts. Worth seeing -- it will no doubt get a couple of Oscars.  41/2 stars out of 5.