Friday, March 22, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen - Movie Review

If you want to see lots of people die, lots of explosions and lots of hand to hand combat, then this is the movie to see.  It reminded me of the war movies we used to watch, where people just got mowed down. This was a bit more up front and personal. Seeing people shot in the head is not my usual taste, fighting, and things blowing up - yes I don't mind that at all, but this was .... wow ... a lot of killing for an action movie.
Now after saying all that Olympus Has Fallen, with Gerard Butler as the main character was good if you like action movies. Yes the killing was more than usual to say the least, the theory behind it was interesting. A terrorist group taking the White House and getting the President, played aptly by Aaron Eckhart, and other higher up officials to give them important, secret codes was an interesting concept. I found myself wondering, would it be that easy to take down what is described as the most secure house in the world.
One line of the movie the terrorist says to the President "it takes your army to get here in 15 minutes and we took this in 13".  What are they saying to the world.  Do not movie makers have some responsibility to what they tell the many terrorists out there.  I felt like a plan was being delivered to someone, somewhere.  I'm not sure if this was a book out there or if this was a screen play, but somehow it seemed like Homeland Security needed to be a little more involved when movies show the security bits and pieces of a place like the White House.
Morgan Freeman, plays the Speaker of the House, who takes over when both the President and the Vice President is in the bunker held hostage by the Terrorists.  Then then is Gerard Butler, Mike, the man of the hour, coming to rescue the day. He was good. He is worth going to see. Saving the son, killing a lot of terrorists and finding his way to say the day.  At one point near the end I'm thinking, Rocky in action.
Now I think a really good movie does not have you thinking about security of the White House or Rocky while you are watching it. You are supposed to be fully engaged, so this movie although worth seeing if you like killing, blowing up and a hero in action.  I give it 3 out of 5, but nearly gave it a 2 1/2 because of the over abundance of violence.  Defiantly not for the youngsters, please do not let your children see this, they see enough violence on TV and Video games.  Adults only.  Oh yes, here I am sitting in the first showing of the day with ---- wait ---- two other women.  Yes, three women came to see the thriller (we were all over 50 I would say).  Interesting, eh?
3 out of 5 with caution

Monday, March 11, 2013

Snitch - Movie Review

I'm a bit late getting my movie review of Snitch typed up.  Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson plays the lead of a father who goes into the 'drug' business in order to stop his son going to prison for 10 years. The story is based on an actual story. A young man does his friend a favor and then his friend turns on him and he is found with drugs. The mandatory jail term is 10 years. (more than first time rape and other serious crimes).  Dwayne as the Dad, remarried with another child, running a successful trucking business, gets one of his employees to put him in contact with a drug dealer, stating he can 'ship' drugs (in his trucks). By stating he needs money in this down turned economy, they go on trial run and then the fun really begins.

Dwayne has set up a 'deal' with the District Attorney, played by Susan Saradan, if he can get the main people behind the drug deals his son could go free.  Once Dwayne is in, the truck, the gangs and money, lots of money, come to play the deal gets changed a bit. Benjamin Pratt plays the big drug lord who sets up Dwayne to go across the line into Mexico with millions of dollars. Dwayne, not being stupid, knows if he goes over there he will be killed, so in one of the best big truck driving scenes I've seen (I don't think I took a breath for several seconds at one point) he wins the day.  Not without some nervous moments though and then at the end the son is released and they are all going into protective custody. (Of course you don't see what happens with that story, although I'm sure there is one - protective custody can't be much fun after running a successful business, but then again putting that against your child being in prison for 10 years - no contest).

I enjoyed this movie, fast paced, had a motive, and again the good guys won in the end. The stunts were great, and looked natural, like they could happen. Yes, Snitch was worth seeing.  3 out of 5.

Oz: The Great & Powerful

First of all, if you are planning to take any small children to see this movie - DON'T!!  Even in my adult age I screamed, closed my eyes and was slightly terrified - but then it doesn't take too much for me to do that.  But this is not a movie for little kids.

Now in saying that, if you want color, you want enjoyment, laughter (at times) and just plain entertainment then as an adult go see this movie. It begins the same way as the original movie in black and white and then James Franco, a marvellous Oz: The Great & Powerful, gets carried away to the magical land of Oz. Here the 3D color comes in. I was mesmerized by the colors portrayed in this movie. Sometimes to the point of watching the flowers or the jewels unfolding before me and not the actors. James Franco is great in this role. His devilish grin, yet somehow pure heart shows through. Rachel Weisz and Mila Kuntis as the wicked witches do a wonderful job, especially when Mila is all green and nasty. Michelle Williams as Glenda the good witch is her usual 'nice' self.  I totally loved the china doll and the flying monkey. The flying monkey gives the comic relief to what sometimes gets quite tense. 

We all know the story of Oz, how the wicked witch has to be done in, and although it has been years since I've since Dorothy and her red shoes, the story is different although basically the same. Oz makes a wonderful fairy tale come true before your eyes.  Good over evil, isn't that we all want. The bad guy made good, the good witch getting the kingdom (and the man). What more could one want. Oh yes, the gold and jewels. Everyone's fantasy made real in 3D.  Was it worth seeing. Oh yes....even if only to enjoy the wonderful colors.
3 1/2 out of 5.