Thursday, December 27, 2012

Movie Review Les Miserables

Another long movie in which the audience (including me) sat spellbound as the story unfolded in front of them. From the advertising before hand we knew the singing in Les Miserables, except for the original scene was done as it was shot. No studio singing. And yes, it made a difference, it was like watching a stage production, but with the most magnificent sets.  I originally saw Les Miserables on stage in New York and although I don't remember much of it, as it was a long time ago, I did purchase the CD set of the songs, as I had been moved by the music. I also watched the movie made with Liam Neesom and Geoffrey Rush again a few nights before going to see this production and therefore I was aware of  the story line. Although some of the information from the other movie filled in some blanks for me, this one was more, much more in that it had a lot more scenes at the ending, plus some characters which were not in the other one, and as I have not read Victor Hugo's novel, it does not matter, which story was accurate, as the story laid out here is so compelling.
The actors singing was great, even surprising, as who would think Russel Crowe could sing well enough to pull off the part of the never relenting police officer Javert - but he did. Wonderfully well. Hugh Jackman I knew could sing, but the acting and singing together definitely makes his part Oscar material. Simply put, he was great.  Anne Hathaway, another one, I did not know could sing, but does great in the role as the fragile, sad Fantine and then Amanda Seyfried, from Mama Mia so we knew she could sing, plus look innocently beautiful.
My friend Marion who was with me turned to me at the end of the movie, as I handed her a Kleenex said, "Now I know why this has been nominated for so many awards". 
The director Tom Hooper, who directed Kings Speech, did an amazing job, and I'm sure will also be recognized. Yes, many awards including Oscar nominations will come from this movie.  It is a must see.
If you don't know the story, Hugh Jackman's role, Jean Valjean is imprisoned for 19 years after stealing a loaf of bread, we come onto the scene as he is being released. He is on parole for life, and after stealing some silver from a church, the priest lets him go requesting he leave an honorable life. He changes his name, makes a new life until is old nemesis,  Police Officer Javert, Russell Crowe recognizes him, and then the story unfolds. Jean Valjean is reacquainted with Fantine, Anne Hathaway, as she is dying and advises of her daughter Cosette.
Valjean gets Cosette and they go to Paris, where she is raised in a convent, when they come out of the convent (oh yes, Jean Valjean works as the gardener there until Cosette wants to see the world). What she discovers is Marius, and they fall in love while the battle for the republic begins. Valjean saves Marius, so they can be together.  All done with wonderful singing and understanding.
I do have to mention the light side of two characters played by Helen Bonham Carter and Sasha Baron Cohen. They provided the levity, that the story sometimes needed, and were in their great acting style.
Whether you like musicals or not, this movie is definitely a must. A must to see on the big screen because of the environment, the feeling, plus the singing.  Go!!
5 out of 5.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Movie Review Parental Guidance

When one has nothing to do on Christmas Day, one drives through the snow to go see Parental Guidance and is not disappointed. I laughed and laughed in this movie. I'm sure some of the looks, the jokes, the situations, only a parent would enjoy. But the theatre (oh yes many others were there with me) was filled with laughter from the adults. This is a movie adults understand and will laugh at.
Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei at their best. Billy Crystal is at the hub of it all as the Father/Grandfather, who has his own mind how things 'should' be, and while Bette Midler tries to have him see otherwise, he doesn't listen - for the first half of the movie. This sets everything up for the second half, when they three grandkids, played well by the young actors begins to take on a different turn.
I'm not going to say much more, because this is a movie you need to go see for yourself. Go laugh, and forget the problems of the world.
4 out of 5 (for laughs and good acting).

Movie Review Jack Reacher

I am a fan of Lee Child's Jack Reacher books. I think I've read every one of them, or close to it. Having discovered them on one of my trips to New Zealand (where they are very popular and well known) I went through them one by one. Now was my opportunity to see what Tom Cruise could do with this interesting, unusual character, Jack Reacher.
I thought he did an admirable job for a 5'7" playing a 6'7". He managed to convey his contained aggressiveness effectively. He managed to look like he could handle 5 people coming at him, and I enjoyed how they incorporated information of Jack Reacher into the movie for people who were not great fans. They did not make a great statement, which some movies do, instead they dropped the tidbits of information slowly so the character of Jack Reacher was understood.  (You can tell by the bold Jack Reacher - I'm a fan).
Bloody, not as much as some of the books, fights, car chase (I think that's Tom Cruise, as I don't remember too many car chases in the books). Sex, not much -- usually Jack Reacher has his way with they main woman before the end of the book - not here.
As far as I'm concerned Jack Reacher was presented accurately enough, that I'll go see the next one. Hopefully it will do well enough dollar wise for Tom Cruise to consider the next one.
I give it 3 1/2 out of 5.  Worth seeing if you like to car chase, fighting, shooting etc. movie. 

Movie Review - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Recently I was in Vancouver visiting my family for my daughters birthday and have a pre-Christmas dinner with all the family.  While there Bridget and I went and saw The Hobbit.  It was hard to believe it was three hours long. I did not move from beginning to end. Even Bridget who gets super uncomfortable in movies, said "hard to believe it was three hours, Mum". 
The Hobbit, if you have seen Lord of the Rings, has many similar characters, for me like a revisit, and I missed a few of the old ones, but got to enjoy some of the Dwarfs which are featured. Some scenes like the Brown driving his sled drawn by 'rabbits' who look like 'hares'. Talk about laugh and enjoy.  I loved seeing the opening scenes of Hobbiton, as I was visiting it live in February - (note to self must get my photos on facebook). The New Zealand scenery was spectacular.
I feel like I'm impantient for movie Number 2 to come out, the hint of the dragon arising - well, how will it turn. How will Bilbo Baggins do with the ring in his pocket, while Golem always lurks? Will the dwarfs win out? You can tell I have not read the book  (I tried many years ago, and just could not get into it).
Somehow the computer generated scenes fit in easily and although our minds tell us they are computer, they look real and when a large, snarling dog/wolf/whatever comes you react. I especially loved the large eagles which come at the end. 
The question always is - is this movie worth seeing - YES it is.  4 out of 5.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Movie Review - Lincoln

My friend Trish and I made the one hour trip north to see Lincoln, as it was not on at our local theatre and we were not sure when it would be, and we both wanted to see it.  Plus it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the drive, with the lake sparkling and the sky blue and the land covered with snow.
We were not disappointed that we had made the trip. How could it be anything less than good with Daniel Day-Lewis playing Lincoln (another Oscar nod I'm sure) and Steven Spielberg directing.
This movie is informative about the last months of Lincoln's life. How he was balancing the ending of the war with his desire to see the constitution changed to end slavery. All the players, especially noted Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens, who puts aside his own agenda to ensure the legislation goes through. It was done brilliantly and we all breathed a sigh of relief when he contained himself. I especially enjoyed James Spader as the wild W.N. Bilbo, one of the beginning lobbyists. It really looked like the beginning, but a reference was made to something occurring previously so I can't say for sure the first lobbyists, but you begin to see where they have played a part in American Political History.
Politics is often viewed by the non political as being sly, sometimes less than honest, and feeling there is a second agenda. This movie, in its subtly, certainly does not dispel this illusion.
I have to mention Sally Field (25 lbs heavier) as Mary Todd Lincoln. She plays it well, but mostly as a woman, I loved the dresses she wore. Often I was more caught up with her dress than her words (acted wonderfully I might add). I found myself thinking afterwards, how on earth did those women visit the lady's room. Probably didn't, so here is this great movie of historical importance, acted and directed wonderfully well and I'm thinking, dresses, washrooms and cold....the heating of those places in those days was by fireplace and they don't really warm the room well at all (I know I grew up with that).
If you like history. If you want to see how Lincoln must have appeared to others, if you want to see some beautiful dresses, and most of all great acting, then go see Lincoln. I learned quite a bit about what was happening during that time and feel sad, as many do, that Lincoln did not stay alive for the reconstruction of the south. We all know what happened there without him at the helm.
This movie is definitely worth seeing, 4 out of 5.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Movie Review - Midnights Children

Last night I chose to go and see a movie called Midnights Children. Several reasons for this, mostly it was because I had either seen the other movies offered or did not want to see them. Plus this was a movie from Deepa Mehta, who has done wonderful movies in the past.  I was not disappointed. This movie arrives with no publicity that I had seen. No previews that I saw. Nothing, Unfortunately, in this first showing only four of us were in the theater. I truly hope the theater fills out, as more and more people discover what a wonderful movie this is.
The story line, of how two boys, right on the stroke of midnight the day India has independence are switched. It primarily follows the life of Saleem, with Satya Bhabha playing the elder Saleem. He was born to poor parents, switched with a child born to rich ones. What makes this movie wonderful is its many story lines, each one explored and completed. You come away feeling filled. Like all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted. A wonderful screenplay written by the original author Salman Rushdie. As Saleem grows up, you also learn of the historical events between India and Pakistan. How the politics effect his family (and of course others) lives.
I was mesmerised by the cinematography, the transition scenes as Saleem grew up sometimes were so simple, but the events of the time reflected. This movie moved me on many levels. I was caught up in the story, I enjoyed the characters and their progression through life and some to their death. I loved the metaphysics, the philosophical statements made, especially when Saleem was able to contact other midnight children in their astral form.
He later on, after forgetting who he is, remembers when he sees one of the other midnight children, the beautiful Parvati, played by Shahana Goswami. His antagonist, the one he was switched with - Shiva - played by Siddharth, rises as a soldier and ends up persecuting Saleem and other midnight children, because of their 'powers'. 
This is a delightful story with so many levels. One which I want to see again to ensure nothing escaped me. The philosophy, the interactions, how love shows up, how people care, and how a man gets to raise a son who is not his and where one loves and the other does not. Most of all it shows the turmoil India and Pakistan have gone through and how lives are effected by it.
If you can go see this movie - Midnights Children. Its wonderful.  5 out of 5.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Movie Review New Dawn 2012

I saw the original Red Dawn several times and have enjoyed it every time, and interestingly the TV was running it, so I taped it and watched it again this morning, before writing my review of Red Dawn 2012 version. 
It is hard to watch a remake of a movie and not compare, especially as I have just watched the original again. But, I will endeavor to give this latest version its credit and then make a comment or two. There is no doubt the line up of actors for this movie is impressive. Chris Hemsworth as Jake the older brother who is the leader of the group is his stalwart self. Josh Peck as the younger brother, and then Josh Hutchinson (from Hunger Games), Adrianne Palicki as the older girl, who holds a torch for Jake and Isabel Lucas as the younger and Connor Cruise making his first (I believe) appearance in a movie in a pivotal role.
There is a lot of big bangs as things get blown up, loud music and empty buildings throughout this movie. There is more shots in the town, it seems, than up in the mountains (although where the mountains are outside of Spokane I'm not sure. I've visited there often years ago and I don't remember mountains being that close. But perhaps my memory does not serve me well.
The question I always ask myself. Did I enjoy the movie? Yes I enjoyed it for what it is, a blow things up, with young children being the rebels fighting the cause. Was it great? No, not great, but still entertainment if you like this genre of a movie. It held its own.
Was it better than the original? I don't think so. I did not feel the emotional connection, which I did with the original cast, in this movie. I laughed a few times, but I did not feel emotionally connected, except when Jake gets it at the end. I felt emotionally attached when they get shot at, or shot, in the original. I felt much more range of feeling in the original. Was this new version worth seeing? Yes, it was. Do I need to see it again? No.
I need to mention the story line was changed North Koreans instead of Russians and Cubans (the enemy has changed) Chris Hemsworth plays a marine, so not much emotion there. Whereas Patrick Swayse plays the older brother just out of school. John Peck's part was more irrational, than is counterpart played by Charlie Sheen. It was like they were wanting this to be a love story as well, as a action adventure story. The older gal, Adrianne Palicki, holds a torch for Helmsworth and I don't think that was necessary. In the original how the group bond was a lot of the story.
At the end of the movie I thought 3 out of 5. Its definitely not a 2 1/2, but a light 3.
If you go see, enjoy it, but watch the original one again. Its worth it.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Movie Review Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part II

Let it be known I'm not a Twilight fan. I went with my friend Trish, because she is and I do love Taylor Lauter and the Wolves. I had thought I would wait to see it on TV.  Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. So much in fact after one scene I clapped. I was totally caught up in the movie. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. So surprises to happen.
I'm not going to say too much, because so much is written and said about the Twilight series and this one being the end - the last.
I will say thought, I'm not sure if they had a different cinematographer, but his close ups and other scenes made the movie, for me, much more enjoyable than the others.  The fight scene takes the cake though, and worth seeing - so dramatic - so real. Great editing here.
If you are a Twilight fan - you will already be lining up. If not, like me, you will be pleasantly surprised. I loved the ending, when Alice shows a glimpse of them all in the future.
4 1/2 out of 5.
PS.  Stephanie Meyes book 'The Host', which I read and enjoyed (I did not read the Twilight series) is coming out in March next year. This was an 'adult' book, and I saw the trailer for it (before the Twilight movie) and I think it will be good. So keep your eye open next March for The Host.

Movie Review - Flight

On Friday night I went and saw Flight. You might say what attracted me to this movie as its about an aircraft disaster and as I often fly, it is not something you want to witness (especially this flight), but it was the actors. You know that when Densel Washington is in a movie it will be good. Then add Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood plus John Goodman and Melissa Leo in supporting roles then how can you not see it.
I had not read anything about the movie, I knew it involved a flight and a crash. So I was wonderfully surprised to see the movie was so much more. The crash yes, but its really about alcoholism and how a person will do anything to hide it.
Of course lying is second nature to a person who drinks heavily, does not want to admit they have an alcohol problem. In this movie it is beautifully displayed. After the pilot (Washington) makes an incredible save where only six people die, rather than all of them, it becomes evident that he was drunk and had cocaine in his system. His first initial desire not to drink, does not last very long. Plus, he has developed a relationship with a gal he met in hospital while having a cigarette, who was there for an overdose and wants to remain clean. This is apply played by Kelly Reilly. I recognized her face from somewhere, but not the name.
Eventually, he does himself in, but not being able to resist the booze, and is redeemed.
The question is - is this movie worth seeing. I believe it is. It is sad at times, hard emotionally, but so well acted and real. The stark honesty at the end of the movie makes it even more believable. For a different, more drama movie, go see Flight.  4 out of 5.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Movie Review - Seven Psychopaths

A wet, holiday Monday and what do I do, go and see Seven Psychopaths.  Within minutes I was wondering if I was out of my mind. First of all I don't like a lot of language which begins with F and I was fearful that would be too much for my tender ears. Luckily it subsided and I did not feel I had to leave the theatre, but I still wondered what on earth was I doing sitting there.  Did I laugh?  At times yes, it was so ridiculous I had to laugh, and at the same time, internally asking myself was I as crazy as the people on the screen seeing I was laughing.
The premise a struggling screenwriter inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends kidnap a gangster's beloved Shih Tzu.sounds harmless, if not funny. Right - Wrong. This movie is for those who like the bizarre story plots, the f language and find lots of blood spurting out of peoples clothing fun. Not really my cup of tea.
Regarding the acting, Colin Farrell as the struggling, alcoholic writer was his usually good self. Sam Rockwell, truly the main character in this movie, is funny in his crazy psychopathic way. Christopher Walken (who always unsettles me in his parts, even when he is great) walked easily through his role. Woody Harrelson, was great as the criminal boss whose love of his life - his Shitzu dog who gets taken. All the characters except Colin Farrell get killed or end up in jail by the end of the movie. There is a lot of killing in this movie.
The interesting part of me, interspersed in between the killing and f language was some great philosophy. These psychopaths do know a thing or two about the meaning of life, or the exploring of the meaning of life, or just plain life and death. That made it worth while.
1 1/2 stars.  (I read it was given an 8 - wow I'm certainly getting old and expect some well crafted meaning in the movies I watch).

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Movie Review - Skyfall

Last night, my friend Trish and I went 'early' to the theatre to watch Skyfall knowing that there would be a line up. It was the first showing in our town. I was quite surprised that we could walk right up to the counter - where were all the people I was expecting. I had forgotten that in our brand new theatre you can order online, or come in and purchase ahead of time. There were four seats left in the theatre three rows from the front. So we took two of them. Once more we sat looking up at the big screen and once more mesmerised  by the action which was taking place above us.
Daniel Craig as the ever dashing 007 - James Bond -  did have a different look in this one. The usual wonderful opening action did not disappoint and you wondered for a wee while what actually happens to him, but Bond never dies so yes he reappears, a little worse for his adventure, but still Bond, who of course ends up saving the day. Judy Dench as "M" has a bigger role than usual, and at the end it becomes obvious why. She is always great in whatever she does. Javier Bardem as the villain was wonderful, although why they gave him that hair I don't know. Seems like that has become his villain trade mark - the hair. As the movie goes along and you hear why he has 'turned' you understand and can almost (I said almost) empathize with him. Ralph Fiennes shows up and it looks like we will be seeing more of him in the next two movies (which Daniel has agreed to do).
The lovely ladies, including Naomie Harris the new Eve Moneypenny, as usual are beautiful, although don't take up too much screen time. That is left for action. Things blowing up. Falling down. Interesting sets, and Sam Mendes does his usual great directing role.
The question always: "was this movie worth seeing".  For me, who likes the Bond series and has seen them all - yes. I like Daniel Craig as Bond, he brings such a different look and feel to him. A little older, a little tired and yet resolute.  Want to see a great action movie the go see Bond in Skyfall.
4 out of 5.
I made a special trip last Sunday to go and see Skyfall again. It was worth it. I enjoyed it even more this second time. I think I will have to get the DVD.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Movie Review - Cloud Atlas

Last night my friend Trish drove us one and half hours north so we could see Cloud Atlas.  We got there a little later than we would have liked and had to sit five rows from the front. The screen seemed enormous right in front of us. Even though this is a long movie, we did not notice how close we were, or feel the time. Cloud Atlas is mesmerizing. It is a movie I know I will see at least once more, in fact maybe more than that.
I need to say first of all, if you are a person who does not like watching movement back and forth through time, then this movie is not for you. The concept of many lives and the intersection of a group of people is fascinating.  I spent time, trying to pick out the actors in the different time sequences. At first it was a bit unsettling, or distracting as one goes from one time to another then other quite quickly and then you begin to piece together the different story lines. As the movie begins to go into the middle and the story lines spend longer in the time frames you get to become involved with the different characters.
Does this movie answer the question of reincarnation (of which I am a proponent) does it suggest, as I believe it does, that all time is one, and these events in these different time settings are taking place at the same time Hard to tell, which is why one needs to see this movie several times.
The main actors play six roles each, then others play less, but most are in each story line. Tom Hanks plays a wide range of roles as does Halle Berry (some were hard to figure who she is until the end. Oh yes, you must remain to the end when the credits roll, and then they show you all the characters they played. What a treat.
Trish and I, as we discussed the movie after, agreed some we picked out right away, others no. This happened particularly with Hugh Grant's six roles.  I only had him pegged in a couple of them.  But the acting, make up and sets are phenomenal. Other actors, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving,(who plays a wonderful Devil) Jim Sturgess, whom I fell in love with in several of his roles, Doone Bae, Ben Whishaw, Keith David, (quite easy to pick out due to his size and look,) James D'Arcy, Xun SZhou, and Susan Saradan (also easy to pick out due to her look). And the list goes on. Most playing six roles, some less.
There is some comic relief, especially when four (including Jim Broadbent) go to 'escape'  the home they have been put into. I believed I ended up clapping when they succeeded. Just shows how much you get into the story lines being portrayed.
This is not your usual everyday movie, if you like to be entertained for several hours, have a guessing game as to who the character you are watching is being played by and see some great sets, magnificent make up, then see this movie. The concept of reincarnation is not really discussed, it is touched upon in some dialogue, but mostly visually shown how we inter react in many different lives playing different parts.
One criticism, and another reason to see this movie again. Sometimes, the language, especially in one story line, is very hard to understand. It easier the longer you watch that time line, but still, much of it is lost in translation.
If you can stand time jumps in movies, and follow story lines and enjoy how one person will say something in one story line and then have it shown in several following story lines go see this movie.  For me, I'll definitely being seeing it again.
4 1/2 out of 5.  (loss of 1/2 a point due t some of the dialogue is not understandable, even though it does fit in with the movie).
I went and watched this movie again yesterday. I enjoyed it more, if possible, than the first time.  Why? Because I knew what was coming and was able to spend time on catching things I had missed the first time. Its surprising how much you miss when you are trying to keep up with the plot lines, the different characters etc. I had fun this time. Also, making it more enjoyable I was able to catch the language which I complained about in my original review. I would say I understood 90% of it this time.  Next time, I'll be able to catch it all - hopefully. This is a great movie, the philosophy, the levels, the depths, the social comment, the everything is really worth seeing. Hope you go!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Movie Review - Chasing Mavericks

After months of not being able to report on any movies. I'm back. For those of you who love to follow my thoughts on movies that I have been to see.
Yesterday afternoon, I went to see Chasing Mavericks.  I knew when I first saw the trailers of this movie I wanted to see it, but it was not until it was in the final stages of the movie that I realized it was based on a true story. That even made the movie more wonderful.  The movie is about Gerald Butler who plays Frosty, an older surfer and a young man Jay (who turns 16 within the movie) played by Jonny Weston and their relationship as he trains Jay to be able to surf the Mavericks wave. They were both great!!!
The movie slowly shows the relationships around them, Jay with his mother played by Elizabeth Shue and Frosty with his wife and children. The story at times, in the first 30 minutes was a little slow, but that was soon forgotten as the relationships with others, school friends, enemies, first loves unfolds and you get to understand how it all comes together.
The way Frosty takes this young man and makes him learn the four principles of life, you begin to see how they intertwine and how although Frosty in the beginning is so reluctant to take on this young man, when his wife makes him realize the 'kid' will do it anyway (surf the big waves) he does.
I found myself with tears in my eyes at the end and sorry it was ending.  I wanted more of Jay and Frosty. And although you learn it is based on a true story and you discover what happens to Jay in real life you feel like you were let into a little bit of what drove him to want to surf the 'big mavericks'.
I liked this movie a lot.... 4 out of 5.
Hope you get to see it.
Until next time.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Several Movies I've Seen Lately

I'm finally able to go to the theatre to watch movies again.  I was not able to sit comfortably long enough before.  During the time I was unable, I did catch a few movies on the PayPerView, but not many. 
Last night, I went with a friend to see the movie The Exotic Marigold Hotel.  I had several friends advise me to see it and they were right. I left the theatre with a warm heart and a filled up feeling. The most wonderful British Actors, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench and Bill Nighy plus others did their usual great job with Dev from Slumdog Millionaire being his great self.  (I'm so happy to see him in the HBO series Newsroom). The storyline is a group of seniors go to live in a Hotel in India where it is nothing like it is advertised. The way in which each one copes and adjusts to the life in India makes the story warm and heart touching.  Definitely a 4 1/2 out of 5.
We also went to see Moonrise Kingdom, with Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray. It was definitely a different, weird movie. All the actors were acting in strange, different roles. Its about two 'strange' 12 yr olds who run away and have a series of adventures while being tracked by the adults and the troop of scouts. I would not recommend it, but I was wondering why I was laughing at times.
2 out of 5.
I did finally get to see Hunger Games. It was worth the wait.  I thought it might be too gory for me, based on the trailers and I was a bit upset when I saw quite young people in the theatre, but I did not need to have been concerned. They edited the violence very well, and the story of young love and survival more than made up for it.  Jennifer Lawrence played the young strong female lead well, Liam Hemsworth is always worth seeing on the screen.  I'm not sure if Josh Hutcherson was the best pick for the male survivalist in the 'game', but I thought he did well.  Well worth seeing (my friend who came with me was seeing it for the 3rd time).  I found it held my attention the whole time.
4 1/2 out of 5
I also managed to go and see The Amazing Spider Man. I did not enjoy this so much. I found it a bit too much in the 'horror' genre for me.  I don't like seeing men change into something else, especially not a reptile, whose tail can grow back when he loses it.  I found myself putting my hands up to my eyes and shutting them so I would not see the screen.  Not good. Perhaps I'm more sensitive after months of recuperating, but that part of the movie I did not enjoy. I thought the acting of Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and especially Rhys Ifans (who I did not recognize at all until the credits) was good. A different kind of Spider Man than the Toby McQuire ones.
3 out of 5
One of the first movies I ventured out to see if I could sit through it was Brave. Oh how I enjoyed that movie. I also liked hearing little kids laugh during it too. So often they say these movies are for kids, when in fact they are not. Some kids could have been frightened by the bear within the movie. But this movie is delightful for adults of all ages.  If you can go see it. Its so well done.
4 1/2 out of 5
Two movies I saw via the TV pay per view were Safe House and Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows.
Safe House was a tremendous non stop action was good. Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington in their action movie best.  3 1/2 out of 5  (I must admit I slept through some of this - I was still in the needing to nap a lot) but did not feel I missed anything - only more action.  If I had seen every scene maybe the score would be higher. Definitely a great action movie.
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.  I thought this was better than the first one (which is unusual as follow up movies are usually not as good as the first). I found the pace better and I laughed many times at Robert Downey Jr's antics. It was lighter and Jude Law as the wonderful Watson on trying to get married was great. I also found the female lead was much more suitable than the first. I'm looking forward to the next one.
4 out of 5.
As I missed many movies I wanted to see, I will endeavor to catch up through the PayPerView section.
In the meantime.  Enjoy the movies

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red Tails

I went to see Red Tails because I wanted to support George Lucas in his endeavor to bring this movie to the screen. I had to go to a late screening, something I don't do much these days, because it was only being shown once a day - late.  Every movie theatre in our area was the same. One screening late in the day. This is an area where there are a lot of pensioners - me included and we don't go out that late, especially when the weather is not good and there is snow on the ground. Anyway, a friend and I went. I was thrilled to be able to go to the movies again and be able to sit through the movie quite OK.
Now onto the movie. I was disappointed in the movie. Although the action scenes are good something was lacking. Both my friend and I did not like Cuba Gooding Jr's pipe. We thought it totally took away. It's like it dominated rather than the script and you always noticed it, it was out of place, out of character and talking about characters, they all seemed 'over the top' somehow. I thought maybe it was 'culture'. I understand the 'black' culture is different from 'white culture'. Just as 'deaf' culture is different from 'hearing' culture. But I would have liked more authentic normalcy among the pilots.
Over the years I have seen a lot of war movies and this one misses the mark. Sad when 'Lightening' gets killed - yes, he seemed to dominate (and I have no idea which one of the names of the black actors was him) but he was good in his role. They were for the most part OK - not great but OK.
So bottom line, something was missing in this movie. I'm not sure who wrote it but they missed something. I remember the TV movie and it was good. This wasn't. But is it worth seeing. Yes it is worth seeing, especially if you want to support George Lucas in saying a 'Black' movie is worth producing.
3 out of 5 stars (the dog fights were worth a star).

Monday, January 23, 2012

Movie Reviews

Hi:  Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been laid up with a disk issue and have not gone to see a movie in over a month.  I feel terribly deprived as so many have come out while I have been able to sit or walk. Now I'm beginning to get back to normal, I will be off to New Zealand for six weeks. I'm sure I will get to see some of the movies I have missed there.  Won't be long before you will get more of my movie reviews. Thanks for your patience.