Friday, December 9, 2011


I came away from watching Hugo in 3D wondering about the movie. Did I like it? What had I enjoyed? What did I not enjoy? I had heard it was hailed as the best 3D movie, and although I truly wanted to put that comment away I kept wondering why someone would say that. I really did like it when occasionally a person was speaking they seemed to come right out and be right in front while the background fell away. Or, was it because it seemed to show the movement of the clocks in high definition (HD) or what. Did I enjoy the movie? Now that is the question. As I have often found how tired I am can have an influence as to how I see a movie and it was the end of a long day of shopping, a massage and the general hussle and bussle of this time of the year, that could be a factor, and I thought the beginning part of the movie a bit too long, and did not grab me at all. In fact it wasn't until the young girl (played by Chloe Moretz) began her friendship with Hug (played wonderfully by Asa Butterfield) that my attention became full time. This friendship and interrelationship was definitely the mainstay of this movie. Sacha Baron as the Train Inspector was terrific as were all the 'bit players' of this movie. Sir Ben Kingsley was great as the irritable old toy shop keeper - in fact every actor played their part superbly. The acting was sublime. The interactions as the story built was great. So, what was the problem. I think the scenes held a bit too long on old metal objects, ie the clocks, the books (oh they are not metal) and the automaton upon which the movie rotates was the issue. Yes I'm being critical, but remember when I go to a movie I want to be moved, to laugh or enjoy the underlay story line. I found I was not moved as much as I could have been, but the relationship between the children was good, and some of the philosophy which came through, especially at the end was nice, but felt something missed the mark. Perhaps it was the hype, perhaps it was - who knows. Should you go see this movie - yes. The photography by the master Martin Scorese is worth seeing, the old time look (after world war I) is great. Paris always is lovely at any time of the year, especially when snow is coming down - even when created. In looking back each segment of the movie was wonderfully done, so what was missing. I don't know something for me was, you need to go see it and see for yourself. I truly would like comments on this one.
3 out of 5.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The Muppets movie is worth seeing. Even if you are not a super duper Muppet fan, there are components in this movie which are enjoyable. The story line is simple, and yet somehow enduring. Although I was not a big Muppet fan, I do enjoy Miss Piggy and of course Kermit is always a hit. I don't know all the names of the Muppet gang, as I missed the Muppet years. My ignorance was I did not even realize they were no longer on T.V. But, in saying that, as they travel around gathering all the main Muppet people, you get an insight of who they are. I loved the performances which happened when they were doing their show in order to save the theatre. And of course, the 'bad man' changes his mind, and they get to keep their theatre. Perhaps more movies would be in order. Up until they were all performing and doing their acts I was amused, but the acts were terrific - true Muppet style - how puppets manage to create an emotional response, I do not know, yet they do it. Of course all us Miss Piggy fans were delighted that she and Kermit get back together. I think kids will enjoy this, the action and dance sequences and there is a lot to watch in the large scenes. Jason Segal, who seems to have been the main thrust of this movie, by being one of the writers as well as the star. He had a delightful interaction with Amy Adams but the movie is the Muppets - somehow I think they will be back..

Happy Feet 2

I had enjoyed Happy Feet a lot, so I went with great enthusiasm to see Happy Feet 2 in 3D. I was not disappointed, in fact, there is a song near the end, when I had tears brimming over the sides of my eyes. Eric, the little penguin, who cannot dance, sings a song to his father, this most operatic voice comes out of this little bundle of a penguin and I lost it. But the stealer's of the show are the two shrimp voiced by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. The philosophies of life which comes forth in this movie, besides the singing and dancing of the penguins, with help from Elephant Sea Lions and another group of penguins. I found myself laughing, crying and thoroughly enjoying some of the scenes (especially those philosophical shrimps). I'm not  sure that one has to see this movie in 3D, but the movie does bring you to many different emotions. Adventurous young penguins going off, concerned father following, the singing and dancing of massive amounts of penguins (is there really that many in the Antarctic). The awareness of the warming and the effect it has on the climate and therefore on its inhabitants. And the humor, lots of humor. I'm not sure how much a young child would enjoy this, but as an adult, I did. Worth going to see, I think so. Happy Feet 2, makes you happy and the time worthwhile. Although I do not think it is as good as Happy Feet 1. But then, what sequel is.
3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Three Musketeers

Saturday night had my friend Trish and I sitting down on uncomfortable seats at our local theatre to watch the Three Musketeers. It was interesting as I watched it how I could not make up my mind about it. I liked it - yet something was missing what was it? There was lots of great sword fights. The personalities of the Musketeers was explored so you felt you knew each of them. The young budding relationships between the King and Queen plus D'Artagnan and the lady-in-waiting were done well enough. So what was missing. To tell you the truth I don't know, all I know something was - or was it the seats we were sitting in. Did I regret seeing the movie no. In fact I enjoyed the special effects of the boat flying through the air, the fight at sea being in the air and laughed several times. The usual manipulating Cardinal from that era was well played by Cristoph Waltz, and one cannot forget Milady so aptly played by Milla Jovovich, but somehow the romantic tension between her and Matthew MacFadyen I did not feel took.  At the end of the movie I was glad to have seen it and I realize I did not mention Orlando Bloom, oh well, I felt his part could have been played by anyone. Sorry Orlando. I will no doubt go and see the next Three Musketeers movie made. Somehow, they do have their level of enjoyability. I cannot suggest you run out and see it - wait till it comes on TV - although the big screen does make the air boats look grand.
3 stars out of 5 (could have been 2 1/2 but those air boats were well done).

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tower Heist

On Sunday afternoon I went to see Tower Heist. I had heard a review that said it was not that good, well I enjoyed it. I laughed a lot (always a hit with me) and found it 'cute'. Ben Stiller as the Towers Manager who is fired with along with two other employees, Casey Affleck as his brother-in-law (took awhile to figure out that connection) and the new 'Mexican' elevator operator, who were present when Ben Stiller's character attacked a car with a golf club.
Although this movie was made before the Madolf scandal became exposed the story of the rich man (Alan Alda) who lives in the Penthouse has scammed and the FBI (Tea Leoni) agent is trying to figure out where he has 22 million hidden away. Soon the fired ones, joined with thief Eddie Murphy and Matthew Broderick a newly bankrupted previous tenant are figuring out how they can find and steal the 22 million.
The cast works well together. I liked Ben Stiller in this role. He was not silly, just a man doing his job whether it was manager of the Tower, or main man on the stealing project. Eddie Murphy was great and Gabourey Sidibe was excellent in her smaller part role. This movie was a great one to see just to enjoy. No heavy topics, no violence, no sadness, just fun. Mind you, when they were up high on the Tower hanging and inside on the elevator (you have to see this) this person who is not that great about heights found the bottom of her feet tingling. Yes, that was quite thrilling to say the least.
So if you want to go see a movie, to laugh and not get bent out of shape (unless you don't like heights) then this is one to see. 
Three out of Five Stars.

Oranges and Sunshine

Once in a while you see a movie which does not 'leave you' for days. This is one of those movies. Our local Art Gallery brings in a movie a month for four months from the Toronto Film Festival (oh I do hope I can attend it next year) and this month the movie was Oranges and Sunshine. This compelling drama retells social worker Margaret Humphreys' played by Emily Watson, real life crusade to help displaced adults in Australia discover their true identities. The 'secret' which is exposed during this wonderful movie is that 130,000 children were sent from England to Australia from the 1950's through to the 1970's. Imagine, while we are working on our lives, children were being deported 130,000 of them.
It was by chance, sort of, that Margaret begins to realize children were sent to Australia and she is able to create support in visiting Australia to check out if there are others and there is. Most where told there parents were dead, some were used as cheap help and of course the Catholic Church is involved. Margaret Humphrey journey brings her to face danger of reprisals both physically and verbally, away from her family, where her husband is totally supportive and behind her as she travels between England and Australia. She also makes many friends with these adult displaced children. She finds out the parents, often a single mother, were told that the children were adopted by wonderful parents. David Wenham, whose voice is recognized as the actor from the movie Australia, plays an interesting role in this movie. Also one man tells the story of being separated from his sister saying this man came and asked him "do you want to go and live where there is Oranges and Sunshine". He was eight, living in an orphanage in England. Instead there was deprivation and abuse.
It took years before England and Australia acknowledged these deportations. The true victims were these adults, many of them abused as youngsters with no help to cope with their inner demons. At least there was a Margaret Humphrey who had compassion and a cause to bring to light another government cover up - this one relating to children.
Four out of Five stars

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Puss n Boots

It was inevitable that I would end up with Puss n Boots with a friend. Much to my surprise I enjoyed it all the way through. What Antonio Bandaras and Selma Hyack in particular did with the voices as the wonderful animation of the two main cats Puss n Boots and Miss Softpaws. We laughed and enjoyed the antics of the story with Humpty Dumpty following Jack and the bean stalk story. This movie may be for children, but adults will love it so do not hesitate to take the whole family. There is something for everyone, enough physical for little ones and words for the older ones. An enjoyable picture for the whole family.
4 out of 5.

Johnny English Reborn

I do not think I have laughed so long and so loud in a movie before. But I laughed long and hard in this one. I`m not a big fan of slap stick which I thought I would see, but luckily for me there was not much of that but Rowan Atkinson just made me laugh, laugh and laugh some more. And I`m not even a Mr Bean fan. The plot was good, and the early scenes of Rowan (Johnny English) in a Tibetan Monastery set the stage for things to come. Just when you think maybe the fun was over it begins all over again. If you want a laugh, then I highly recommend seeing this movie. It is one I will endeavor to see again. Oh yes you must stay and watch the credits role, because there is a fantastic kitchen scene. Just sit a bit and you won`t be disappointed - plus it explains a scene earlier in the movie which did not make sense.
4 stars out of 5.


When this movie was over I wanted more. More dancing. I also could not believe that the movie was over already. How the time flew. I don't remember the original Footloose well, so I was not comparing and Kenny Wormaid and Julianne Hough (a favorite of mine from Dancing with the Stars) did an admirable job with Dennis Quaid as the minister Dad - all acted well. But the dancing, I wish there had been more. If you like dancing and enjoy the teenage rebellion story, then you will enjoy this. I did. As I say I could have used more dancing.
3 out of 5 stars.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Big Year

The Big Year was listed as a comedy. I, for one, did not find myself laughing at all, but I did enjoy the lesson values within the movie. Three known comedy actors, Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black come together. The story line of three people from different walks of life on a quest to see as many different types of birds they can see throughout a year. Owen Wilson plays the reigning winner and decides he wants to go and do another Big Year so that no one beats his record. Steve Martin is the older, wanting to retire executive of his company who decides he wants to follow his dream of winning the prize and then there is Jack Black, the poor everyman who loves birds and wants to 'win'. These three people begin the year not knowing each other and soon they are running into each other and realize they are all going for the Big Year prize. I'm a Jack Black fan and found his usual style wonderfully suited, except when they decide its supposed to be a comedy and have him fall down a few times (not funny). The lessons learned is the thing. Owen Wilson looses his wife and gains lonely. Steve Martin retires totally and enjoys his family fully and Jack Black finds his love. What more could one want to see. You most definitely get to see birds and lovely views of different parks and places around the country.
What I enjoyed was the same people showing up in the group shots demonstrating how many of these 'birders' travel to catch sight of different birds.
3 out of 5

The Ides of March

Every so often you hear so much hype about a movie that when you go and see it you are disappointed. This happened to me with this movie The Ides of March. Within a short time I had to give myself a talk and settle back to enjoy the movie. Once I realized this was not the best movie of the year (hopefully I don't eat those words) I enjoyed what was being offered. The cast was great. George Clooney, who also co-wrote and directed. Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was excellent in his role, Paul Giamatti's role small but well delivered, and Ryan Gosling as the young idealistic campaigner who because of events spelled out in the movie turns into a cynical, do what ever it takes campaign manager. The two women in the show, Evan Rachel Wood who plays the young intern and Marisa Tomei who plays the realistic journalist hold there own with this wonderful male cast. This movie really gives a glimpse behind the scenes of a political campaign. You can't help but be pulled into the life of Stephen (Gosling) which takes place over a short period. I love educational movies and this could be classified as a lesson on political campaigns and the back room deals and back stabbing from the different teams that goes on. You may think it, hear it, but in this movie you get to see it.
3 stars out of 5.

Monday, October 10, 2011


To overcome being home after completing teaching for three days I decided to go to the local theatre and see Abduction. The only thing I knew about the movie was Taylor Lautner was in it. I thought it would be interesting to see how he did in a movie which was not one of the Twilight series. I have to say I was impressed. In the beginning you can't help notice his brow and those 'wolf' eyes. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to watch him without thinking 'wolf' but I digress.
The first five or so minutes I thought 'oh no a teenage thing' but within ten to twelve minutes I was beginning to change my mind and by 20 minutes I was totally engaged. This is an interesting thriller. The premise of a teenager (Lauter) who believes he has been abducted begins a journey which is both well acted and thrilling. Within a short time his parents are dead, his house is blown up, his girl friend (not romantic in the beginning, but is by the end is played admirably by Lily Collins) is hurt and they are on the run. Sigourney Weaver plays his psychologist who helps him get away from the men who are trying to kill him too, but soon the two teenagers are on their own making their way through a forest to an address Sigourney Weaver has given them.
Here they get a few clues which they begin to follow in order to figure out who he really is. The CIA is also after them. Are they good guys or bad guys? It seems everyone is out to get them and yet they are smart and able to avoid capture. Then the end in which you breathe a sigh. All is explained (you really have to see this movie to find out all the whys and wherefores) and Nathan (Lautner) has a home while he finishes high school and gets on with his life. At least there was closure here. You knew what had happened and what was going to happen. Not like lots I've seen lately.
I did enjoy this movie once the first 15 minutes were done, but I also realize that needed to be there in order to explain his life before he finds himself online. I think anyone who likes a thriller and does not mind teenagers would enjoy this. Oh yes, people do get killed. It is hard to get away from the violence which crops up everywhere. But this movie is not for you if you can't see people shot dead and a house blown to bits.
I give this 3 stars out of 5.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Review - Real Steel

Last night I went to see Real Steel.  Although I enjoyed the movie (Rocky with Robots) I felt something was missing. Hugh Jackman was wonderful as the irresponsible Dad committed to his Robot fighting and Dakota Goyo was terrific as his son, wanting a relationship with his father he never knew plus being more level headed and stubborn. Its a warm wonderful story on many levels. You become attached to Atom the Robot (how do they make a put together pieces of steel humanized?). Unfortunately, Evangeline Lilly's role was small and could have been more involved. But the main story is between Charlie (Jackman) and Max (Goyo) and they do that wonderfully well. I laughed, I wiped away a tear and I clapped during the movie. Can't be better than that, yet at the end there were lose ends. I don't like loose ends. But all in all, the evening was not wasted. After all its better to watch pieces of steel bash on each other and two humans going at it.
3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Movie review - Dolphin Tale

I loved this movie and to think I almost missed seeing it. If you have a family, and even if you don't you need to see this movie. It is lovely. It is touching after all how could a real life story of a Dolphin called Winter who loses her tail not be. But I think its the kids who make this movie. Nathan Gamble plays Sawyer a troubled kid whose father has left home a number of years ago and he has not heard from him since, and his favorite cousin has gone off to the army. He's sad and lost and when he helps free Winter from the rope binding her and forever finds himself a 'friend' his life changes.
I loved the journey of how the sea animal hospital in Clearwater, Florida not only saves the Dolphin's life, but then they discover how to build her a new tail. Well, they don't build it others do, but they work with Winter until she finally has one which works. Of course in the process they save the sea animal hospital and exhibition. I don't really care how much of it is real or how much is fiction, as I wiped my tears away from my eyes (which I did not even know I had begun to cry) I knew this movie had something for everyone. Laughter, tears, joy and being left with a good feeling. The cast all do their roles well, Ashley Judd as Sawyer's mothers. Harry Connick Jr as the Dr in charge, Kris Kristofferson, as the grandfather and Morgan Freeman as the Scientist who helps create the tail. The young girl, whose name I don't have who plays Hazel (like the eyes) was also great.
If you see one movie this month, go see this one. I think its worth it.
4 out of 5.

What's Your Number?

I enjoyed this movie.  Much more than Bridesmaids, which I did not enjoy. I found What's Your Number? fun, quirky and most importantly I laughed - a lot. Sometimes I felt embarrassed for the situation, a feeling I personally don't like to feel, but I think it was only twice and I soon forgot about it as the next situation came about. Anna Faris and Chris Evans did a great job. The premise seems a bit lame, Ally (Faris) realizes she has been to bed with 20 men and doesn't want to go over that limit so with the help of you neighbor Colin (who  sleeps with different woman regularly) played by Evans they go back to find if she missed her life partner somehow. As they movie evolves with her Sister getting married and all the dramatics that brings (divorced parents) the couple relax and begin to enjoy each other's company.
Eventually Colin realizes he has feelings for Ally, but Ally isn't being fooled. Then when the sister's wedding is taking place she realizes where her heart belongs and goes on a journey around the city to find him. Silly at times, but the message "you need to be yourself" is one which we can all take heed of. Forget trying to please others, please and be yourself.
3 out of 5

Movie Review - Drive

I recently heard a review of Drive and it whetted my appetite to go see it. Well I was not disappointed. Mind you if you do not want to see brutality, blood, anger or aggression you may want to stay home. But, if you want intensity, and an interesting story line which reminded me of some of Clint Eastwood's early movies, then this good be one not to miss. Ryan Gosling (one of our Canadian Ryan's) did an incredible job. Did he speak 100 words in the whole movie? I'm not sure, but his acting was phenomenal. Oscar worthy maybe? It's interesting how an actor does not have to say words but a movement of an eye, or a toothpick can speak volumes. At times I flinched with the brutality of it, most be getting soft in my old age, but the story line I appreciated. I especially liked it that they let the 'hero' live (or at least you think he lives - or does he).  I like to think he did. Cary Mulligan played the love interest as a young mother and who's ex-convict husband begins the 'trouble' in the movie as he, Ryan, tries to help them. Albert Brooks was definately the surprise playing the 'heavy' in the movie. He did a great job.
Yes if you like fast cars, can handle the brutality and blood - a good movie to see
3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Monday, September 26, 2011


What an interesting movie Moneyball is. My friend and I went to see it Saturday night. Brad Pitt, how could we not. Not that I'm a baseball fan, soccer is my game, but I found myself fascinated with how this movie revolved. By the end of the movie I personally was excited, and will tell you why at the end. This movie is Brad Pitt all the way with a well done assist by Jonah Hill (before he lost his weight). Although Philip Hoffman played the manager of the team, his role is small and although he does it in his usual wonderful way this is a Brad Pitt movie, who as usual, takes on the role and becomes the role and you totally identify with the character he is playing. In this movie he is Billy Bean, general manager of the Oakland A's. He begins to work with Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) utilizing a whole new method to create a team.
I found it interesting, as an avid British soccer fan, watching how the trading, buying, working with the team members went on. I thought the lesson of how we get stuck in the 'old way of thinking' can restrict us from seeing the 'new'. Also, the director had many long pauses in this movie, and I remember thinking how 'slow' it appeared. I immediately understood how we are so programmed for movement and quickness that we lose the subtleties of life. This movie brings this together. The silences, with the people's faces reflecting the emotion going through them, was sublime. Also some of the long shots of the long walks down underneath the stadium had an effect. Bennett Miller, the director took this 'sport' movie and made an 'art' movie. A story of people, working to create a new theory, believing in it. Against all odds making it work. Also it is a story of a man who went after the dollar, and not have it work out, and who in the end stays within his integrity and refuses to go after the dollar. Unusual in this day and age. 
Now, the exciting part for me was the ending. The Red Sox team was bought by John Henry who goes on to use this new recruiting idea and ends up winning the World Series. John Henry has bought the British Soccer team Liverpool - which I follow and I'm excited because I'm sure he will use the same procedure to ensure Liverpool will be at the top of the game in a few years. Yeah!!!  For this reason I loved this movie, as it gave me hope.
All in all, this movie is thought provoking on different levels. Being open to new ideas, being willing to believe when everyone is saying no it won't work. Doing what is necessary to get the idea in production and not selling out on your own integrity.  Worth seeing
4 out of 5.

Killer Elite

If you read my movie reviews, you will know I do like the 'man' movies and this one was no exception. I had to go by myself, as my often movie goer did not want to see it, plus we had been see Moneyball the night before. But, I wanted to see this. Three main actors, Jason Statham, Robert DeNiro and Clive Owen. Three actors I like. In fact, surprisingly I have become a Jason Statham fan (probably from Transporters). Anyway, I took myself off to see this movie without any expectations. When I saw in the early credits it was based on a true story I really got excited. I like nothing better than 'based on a true story'. At the end it explains the movie is based on a book that was written.  The movie moves fast, first explaining why Jason Statham - Danny - character was wanting out of the assassination game, and then the story unfolds as to why he gets back in, to save his mentor - Robert DeNiro. It is quite a plot, he has to kill this three soldiers, so his friend is released and earn six million. Then the Clive Owen - Striker - is there trying to stop him. What I liked was at the end all three survive and although it leaves you wondering what will happen next to them, you are pulling for Danny to get what he wants, the girl and a quiet life.  Oh yes, lots of shooting, death and fighting with the usual car chases etc. I thought it was good for its type. I enjoyed it and did not mind going and missing some TV shows (mind you I had PVR'd them).  Even though it was Sunday night, I was surprised there were not more people in the theatre, although most were men and probably were surprised to see a white haired older women come in and sit down by herself. But heh, I'm a fan!!  Great going guys!
3 1/2 stars out of five.


I went to see this movie with a friend who is a Lab Technician. Talking about the movie after she said she was impressed with how well they had stayed to the protocols and the knowledge of how virus are spread. Other than that we had a lot of not so supporting things to say. First of all we both agreed this would have been better as a mini series as it needed more time. So many of the side bars were not completed, we were left in the dark, but you were wanting to know what happened to these people. Also there were times, ie, when Matt Damon's character hears gun fire from his neighbors house and we never do know what happened to them. Then they are going to the food trucks, but they never do say how they survive those months without food. Lots of holes. Did they end up on the editing floor. Who knows? Perhaps the DVD will have those holes filled in. The acting from all the well known actors was great. It was the editing. I felt I was watching a documentary without the over talking, a documentary has. It may have been better if they had a person telling the story, perhaps some of the 'holes' would have been filled.
In the meantime, if you want to see Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Jude Law plus Lawrence Fishburn and others do a great job, then you will enjoy this movie. For people like me who wonder about this or that, then it was lacking.
2 1/2 stars out of 5.

Apollo 18

As I like to know about space, and the premise of this movie I did not really understand until I saw the movie. Filmed like a documentary, it tells a story (supposed to be true) that footage from this secret voyage to the moon took place and what happened. That there is some kind of life on the moon. I must admit some of the scenes at the end I did not see. My eyes were covered. If you like sci-fi with high intensivity then you probably will enjoy this. It was interesting to note that we are used to color, rather than black and white - although shooting in black and white makes the dimensions of non color interesting. I must say the movie gives food for thought. It is well acted and the story is well told.
3 out of 5.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

I simply had to go see the end of the Harry Potter series. It was with moist eyes I watched the ending. This was an end of an era. Harry Potter books followed by the movies. Each one anticipated, even though we learned very quickly that the movies closely resembled the books. So we get to say goodbye to the three main characters in particular. We watched them grow up and become adults, and its sad to say goodbye to their lives. I was always thankful J.K. Rowlins gave a postscript of what occurs and that was the highlight for me to see them as older saying goodbye to their children as they are off to Hogwarts.
Now the question is, is the final movie worth seeing. I think so. It seems to tie up a lot of ends and it is done well. Lots of action, movement and even the 'kissing' scene between Ron and Hermione to remind us that this push/pull relationship between the two of them continues. Also the demise of 'he who shall not be named' - Voldemort finally gone - as is his snake.
Sadness though when I read the book that George was gone plus the others in the big fight, and they did not make too much of that in the movie, and one scene I thought if I had been young and watching it I wouldn't have slept for a week. I guess children are used to the horrific or something, as not one child yelled out (and we had a lot of young children in the theatre). I just thought it was a bit much for younger ones. Otherwise a good Harry Potter movie - even though I saw it in 2D - did not make the drive for 3D.  Oh well. If you haven't seen my Harry Potter in his swan song, then go do it.
Enjoy it all.  I would say 4 out of 5 stars.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Green Lantern

Last night a friend and I drove the 1/2 hour north to see The Green Lantern in 3D.  We both came away totally enjoying it. What an evening of entertainment. This movie suited 3D for sure. What with space shots, other planets and the other worldly sets. What I liked most of all was the premise about will vs fear. The story line of how one has to acknowledge your fear and rise above it (or through it) and allow your courage to take you 'there'. Plus the fact that with imagination fueled by will you can create anything. This is metaphysics 101.....could not have said or shown it better.  Now of course Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern made the watching easy. Not only is he easy on the eyes, his sense of timing makes his humor lines great and plus he can act. I found myself jumping in my seat, knocking my 3D glasses off a few times with the 'sound' bites coming out loud and unexpectedly, at least to me, but soon adjusted myself to that. People clapped (including me) at the end. This was worth the drive, the extra dollars for 3D and I was saying to my friend, I feel happy when I was driving back home. Want good entertainment then go see The Green Lantern. The whole cast was well casted, the stunts great and I did not care if it was computer generated, I thought it all came together wonderfully well. I did not grow up knowing the Green Lantern, but my friend did and she loved it too.
4 out of 5 for entertainment, emotion building and just plain fun.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Movie review - The Way Out!

During the last week I did not get to go see any movies at the local movie house, but instead have been watching some DVDs again and one movie I got through the movie on demand through my Shaw provider. As I was going through the different movies, some I had seen and some did not appeal until I looked at this movie I had not heard or read about The Way Out.
I saw at Ed Harris and Colin Farrell, both good actors were in it, so decided to watch it. Was I ever glad I did. Now this is how movies are supposed to be. The story line was during World War II, seven men escaped from a prison camp in Siberia - three of them finally walked into India - 4000 miles (or k's can't remember) later. The movie was the story of what happened.
Well directed, well acted, a great story, based on a book I believe was called "The Long Walk", but I only saw it for a split second buts that's how I remember it. In fact, after seeing the movie I would like to read the book.
These men walked through forests, around lakes, evading villages, across guarded railway lines, past the border from Russia into Mongolia, only to find that also was communist, desert, where they nearly died of thirst, and then finally the Himalaya's going into Tibet and then finally into India. I thought the screenplay was well written, the acting superb, except for the two names mentioned above I did not recognize any one, but great story. There was a girl who joins them and I believe it is the same girl who acted in Lovely Bones (not sure, but it looked like her and I can't remember her name) but she is also a great actress. This was a film about leadership, determination and loyalties (one of them played by Colin Farrell could not leave the USSR, so stayed even though knowing he would go back to a prison camp. People died where buried, but it could have been much higher. The American in the group (oh yes there was an American there - explained how come - and he did not go all the way into India, but separated from them in Tibet. I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through the two plus hours.
I was so intrigued about the movie I wanted to know where it had been filmed due to the differences of landscape. I plowed through the credits and found, UK, Bulgaria and Australia mentioned. This is a film well worth watching, another great movie that has not got the publicity I believe it deserved. I give this 4 out 5 easily. Hope you get to see it at some time.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

X-Men:First Class

Last night, friend Trish and I went to see X-Men: First Class. We came away both agreeing that it was the best of all and thoroughly enjoyed it. Somehow it filled in all the blanks that we ever wondered about X-Men. I loved it. I found the story line intricate enough to keep me guessing a bit as to what was going to happen (because we know Charles Xavier ends up in a wheel chair) and we know that Magneto and the Professor end up on different sides of the 'fight' so to speak. And its all answered.
I was surprised and somehow it made sense that Magneto was a product of the concentration camps and the 'testing' he was put through. I was also surprised to see Kevin Bacon in it. I had not known he would 'show up' in a major role, but there he was doing his admirable job as the Nazi looking for world power for the mutants. So here is Erik angry and bent from his experiences when he mets Charles and they become friends recruiting other mutants. James McAvoy who made a wonderful Charles Xavier, can read minds easily while Michael Fassbender who is Magneto can twist anything which is steel. Mystique was also explained and how and why she becomes Magneto's side kick. I thought January Jones was wonderful as the 'crystal lady' (only way I can think of her). So beautiful and yet so deadly.  If you want to see a great entertaining movie, and if you, like me, have seen the X-men then this is definitely one to catch. It will answer those unanswered questions as well as being the best of the bunch.  4 out of 5.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

My friend Jeanne and I decided to go see Kung Fu Panda 2. Earlier in the week Jeanne came over and we watched Kung Fu Panda (the original) because she had not seen it and we thought it would be best to catch the first one before seeing the second. I think it was a very good idea because then I was updated from number one and she knew the basics.
As we left the movie we both agreed this movie is not for small children. We had around a three/four year old in front of us who in some of the scenes was quite frightened with the 'gun' going off and the destruction never mind the mean looking wolves. But as adults we both enjoyed it.
I am a Jack Black fan anyway, and when I see the Panda and watch his moves I can see Jack Black doing his thing (as on the American Idol final). I am also a fan of Angelina Jolie, so Tigress is important to me, and of course Seth Rogan's laugh always gives him away - no body laughs like he does. Jackie Chan as monkey with Lucy Lui as Snake rounds out the 'fightening' crew. Even though Dustin Hoffman as the sage teacher comes and saves the day in the end. The animators and how they represent the characters in line with their voices is fun to watch.
Now the movie, I thought was not as charming as number one, but traditionally number two movies never are. This is darker and more severe in the sets and plot. I did not laugh as often or as hard as with number one, but on the other hand its enjoyable and worth the time to go. I would have liked to see it in 3D, but we don't have that in our local theatre. (Its supposed to come when the new one gets built - supposedly 2012). To see 3D I have to go north 45minutes and sometimes that is not convenient, . 
So if you like animation, kids stories with a moral, then you will enjoy this. A solid 3 out of 5.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Last night I ventured out to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I had heard a review which said it was slow in the middle - I did not find it so. I found it great from beginning to end. The other review had said Johnny Depp had nothing more to say as Captain Jack, again I did not find this true. He played him with much more subtly, more sincerity and less drunkenness. I thought over all the movie was great. Bringing in the history of the pirate days, the fight between England and Spain, and of course Blackbeard, apply played by Ian McShane with Penelope Cruz as his daughter. That Johnny and Penelope have chemistry is no doubt and the ending gives us an idea of what will come in the next edition of the Pirates. Again the reviewer I had heard had some criticism of Rob Marshall's directorship. Again I disagree, I thought the fight scenes were wonderful, the closeups were a great addition and overall thought Rob did a splendid job. The theme of seeking out the fountain of youth is an ancient theme and works well here and one has to mention Geoffrey Rush, who always acts, no matter the role, sublimely. What a wonderful cast, what a wonderful movie -- even though I wondered what happened to the young man blinded by love with the mermaid as they swim to the deep -- perhaps never to find out. That was the only question I had. The rest was answered, left me wanting more and yes I'll line up for Pirates of the Caribbean 5.  Want to enjoy yourself, lost in an imaginary pirate world for over two hours, then go see this movie. I think you'll find its worth it.  4 1/2 stars out of 5.


I took several days before I wrote up my review of this movie. (Then I ended up losing it and had to re write it - a sign - perhaps). Perhaps its my age, or just that I do not like toilet humor, put down humor, or embarrassment humor. So what was left to enjoy in this movie, some truly funny scenes.  I was not familiar with most of the actors, as I'm not a Saturday Night Live watcher, but did recognize Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy from their TV shows and Jill Clayburn from 'before'.
I knew I was probably in the 'wrong' movie for me when I was in about 10 minutes thinking "I should have gone to see Pirates of the Caribbean, which was also playing. But I did laugh, there were several scenes which were not in the toilet, put down or embarrassment humor category. If you do like this kind of humor you will love this movie - especially the embarrassment scenes. They were well down, its just I don't enjoy them - triggers all my embarrassment moments in life. Otherwise, wait till the TV or DVD - then you can turn it off.
If you do go and see it apparently there are outtakes at the end. I saw one scene, waited for more and did not see any so left - but watching Ellen who was interviewing Maya Rudolph there was apparently alot more. I just did not wait around long enough to see probably the best of the movie. Oh well, Pirates was next and it was great!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Saturday night saw my friend Trish and I driving 45 minutes north to watch Thor in 3D.  Was the trip worth it?  It was. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. From beginning to end. The costumes, the sets and the whole mythological concept was really well presented. I had not read any of these comics upon which this movie is based, so did not know the story at all. I found how it was presented was I did not need to 'know', I just needed to follow the story.
The acting is really good too. Good actors Chris Hemsworth made a wonderful Thor (the body - well enough said) but he was able to go from arrogant to humble and you believed it. Natalie Portman played her part well as the scientist who falls in love with Thor and of course Sir Anthony Hopkins was his usual great self as Oden. 
As I enjoyed this movie it met a lot of my criteria, I laughed, had a definite moral, well acted, well edited, good direction, the computer additions were done wonderfully well plus it held my attention the whole movie through. Therefore 4 out of 5.  (was wondering whether it was a 41/2 - you go you decide). 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fast Five

Saturday night saw me entering into the theatre to watch Fast Five. I think I've seen all the previous Fast and Furious movies, and usually enjoy them and this time no different. I had fun, and found myself laughing several times. I had four young men (late teens early 20's sitting in front of me) and I think they were wondering what on earth I was laughing at, but I did find it quite funny at times. The juxtapositions of personalities and situations. I was concerned that the stunts that I had seen on the TV advertisements and in the movie trailers were all that there would be, but there were a couple of others. The stunts are great! Ones in which you wonder how on earth they could pull them off, but they do.
Also, the main actors, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and the other supporting actors all did their jobs well. The muscles on the arms of both Vin and Dwayne when they were struggling made me think "wow they must have spend hours pumping iron to have muscles like that". Women you would enjoy those muscles.
If you enjoyed the previous movies of this series, if you like car chases and speed then I think you will enjoy this one.
As I said I enjoyed it on all levels, acting, speed, crashes, humor and whatever else it takes to entertain one on a Saturday night when they need a little escaping. I look forward to seeing this movie again.
3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Once again my schedule had enough time to run into a movie. The only one available to see (in the time I had) was Rio.  Well I wish I had not bothered. I actually fell asleep during it....well I'm tired from the schedule I put upon myself, but really, if it had been exciting I would have stayed awake. The concept of two blue birds, one not being able to fly and one can - being the last two blue macaw's and needing to mate, sounded like it would be interesting. The music, the color etc. Something, somehow did not click all the way.  I would say 1 1/2 out of 5.  Maybe the kids can watch it on TV at a later date. Pity as the concept had promise. Oh the beginning and end singing numbers with all the birds were colorful. I also liked the 'girl' in it - she showed promise.

Adjustment Bureau

As my trip continues here on the coast, I'm finding time to see more movies.  That is my joy and the joy I had watching Adjustment Bureau was wonderful.  I had not seen it when it was in Penticton, I forget why, and just made it into the theatre as the movie itself was beginning, but it was worth it. I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed it. Matt Damon at his best. Emily Brunt also handled her part well. I found it moved slowly (but not too slowly) and I found myself caught up in the consequences of this meeting of two people and their love story over three - four years. I especially found, as a metaphysician, the concept of the 'guardian angel' done in a little different way also interesting. In metaphysics we say 'guides' are not supposed to interfere, but these guys certainly did. It was an interesting take on the thought of fate versus self creating. I found that I kept wondering why can't these two be together, and then another piece of information would come out, but I still loved the ending of love conquers all, the romantic in me I guess. I also loved that they were helped by one 'guardian'. Feelings do occur even when not supposed too.  All in all, this was a movie I could see again.  I give it 4 out of 5 and say have a pleasant couple of hours and watch it. Love is eternal.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I was happy to get out of the rain yesterday and be able to see the movie HANNA. This movie was at the top of my list to watch and I was not disappointed. I found myself sitting there near the end thinking, is this a 3 1/2 or a 4 movie. (that would tell you that it is a 3 1/2 because if it was a 4 I would not have been thinking about it). But it is definitely worth seeing.  The young (then 16) actress Saoirse Ronan the main character is brilliant in the role and as she is the main character and spends a lot of time on camera she makes the girl assassin real. It is also interesting watching her assimilate to the outside world. With the Aussie's Eric Bana and Kate Blanchard as the two other main characters they do their roles well as usual, especially Kate as the driven CIA character. I loved how the story behind what was happening unfolds. I also liked how they did not show the 'friendly' people being killed (but somehow you know that is going to happen due to the nature of other scenes). Worth seeing? I think so, if you enjoy thrillers.  I give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5.
Postscript.  A few days later than seeing Hanna I was taking a friend to the movies for her birthday and she wanted to go see Hanna. She knew I had seen it, but I said I did not mind going again and I'm gald I did. I enjoyed it more the second time. Now, is that because I had someone with me, was it because I was not as tired. It was the same theatre so that was not an influence. I think it has to do with I was not trying to figure everything out, instead I could sit back and enjoy the subtlies of this girl the sights of the colors and the settings more. I knew the outcome, I knew what to expect and therefore enjoyed it much more. I found that interesting.  Therefore I upgraded it - second viewing to 4 out of 5.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I had time yesterday, while I'm in Victoria to go and see Arthur. Now, although I slightly remember the original Arthur with Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli I was prepared not to compare but to just watch Russell Brand, Helen Murrain and the other actors act this movie. I will say I was disappointed in that it did not hold my attention. Never mind that half way through the movie I had something happen to my foot (still don't know what it was) but it hurt and took my attention as I tried to find a comfortable position for it. But that wasn't it. I thought Russell Brand did as good a job as he could. Helen Murrain, who is always a fabulous actress no matter what role, did give her character the merit it needed. But something was lacking, what I could not actually say. Jennifer Garner did her usual great self in her role. So each actor did their part, and the girl (name not available to me right now) who played Naomi did her part too. But truly, something was missing - what??? that I'm not sure. Don't go rushing out to see this movie, DVD or TV will be sufficient, unless you really want to see it on the big screen. 2 1/2 stars out of 5.

Soul Surfer

While in Vancouver I managed to find some time to go and see Soul Surfer.  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and although I would not say its a 'must see' it definately has alot in it to merit a viewing. I was pleased I went to see it.
This movie is based on a true story. The acting is good with Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt as the parents going through the horror of having their 'star' surfer daughter losing her arm to a shark, then how they support her as she begins surfing again.  I'm typing this up without the awareness of the actor's name who played the daughter, but she did a great job as well. All the supporting actors, including Kevan Sorbo played their roles well. So you have a well acted human story all coming together, showing how with faith and determination you can overcome all the odds. I liked how they truly built up the story before the 'accident' and oh yes, Carrie Underwood has a role as well.
I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. If you don't get to see it in the movie theatre, I believe its definately worth a DVD watch.  The scenes of Hawaii, were worth it alone.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Source Code

Source Code is one of those movies in which time and space is explored in a different way. I found this movie enjoyable, even though the same scenario takes place over and over, it is done in an interesting way. What makes this work, is because of the progression of understanding the main character, played very well by Jake Gyllenhaal, goes through as he comes back from the assignment of discovering who is going to let off a bomb on this train. Each trip he has eight minutes to gather intel. During the many eight minutes he has he falls in love with the girl played by Michelle Monaghan. I would have like a little longer to digest the ending to ensure I was computing it correctly. I ran into a friend of mine after the show was over, she was just coming out of the movie to and we both had a different take on it. No matter, I enjoyed it, again representing how time and space can be altered. 3 1/2 out of 5.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer

I found myself with some time in Kelowna the other day, so decided to go see the Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey. I had wanted to see this movie and so far it had not arrived in my town, so here was the opportunity. Thank goodness for Spring break, when they also have day time movies.
There were three of us in the theatre to watch Matthew do his work. I must say I do enjoy his movies. He seems to embody, in his style, the characters he plays. I think he must really look for ones he knows he is suited for.
I did not know the story of the Lincoln Lawyer, not having read the book or really heard too much about it, but the plot was delightful. How a lawyer, who works out of his car, defending guilty people is hired to defend a rich kid/man, played by Ryan Phillippe - who did a great job in that role - when he finds out he is actually the person who killed one of his previous clients who had said he was innocent but he did not believe and made a plea bargain putting him away for 15 years. Guilt results, yet he is sworn as his lawyer to defend and keep his counsel.
How the plot unravels is masterful, and if you have an opportunity to see this, its good to watch. Oh yes, there is a bit of pay back and some tense moments, but it is all about knowing how to manipulate the law, people and get the result you want. A few surprises, but all in all and enjoyable plot line and as usual with Mathew McConaughey a good watch.  3 1/2 out of 5.

Battle: Los Angeles

I was almost surprised as to how much I enjoyed watching this movie. I went because I needed to go 'out' and there was not another movie on which I wanted to see. So this was the one. As I found my seat in this afternoon show, I realized there were not many in the theatre. Never mind - I was there.
I found the movie moved very well, not spending too much time on a scene - just enough to get the 'picture' as to what was happening, and then onto the next scene. I had been expecting a lot of noise and things being blown up, as per the promos. Again a surprise, it had a heartfelt story contained within it, and older marine who had lost men in his last tour who was now training young marines.
Now, due to this threat, which in the beginning they were not totally aware of he was thrown into being the master sergeant of a new group, one of which was the brother of one of the men who had died on his last tour. This sets up the energy projected towards him.
The group is sent to pick up some civilians who need to be taken to the safe zone. Now the story begins to heat up. Slowly we learn more and more about the invaders, how they seem to be machines and when Michelle Rodriguez's character joins what is left of the group they learn more. She seems to shine in these 'tough girl' roles.
Again slow but sure they lose more of their troop until a handful are left to fight their way to the safe zone, and on the way take out the 'master mind' of it all.
As I sat there in the late afternoon, I found myself caught in the story, the actors, Aaron Eckhart, doing a fine job as the Staff Sergeant, Bridget Moynahan as the yet, and the three child actors, all doing their part in playing their roles. When at the end, the men plus Rodriguez's character are 'full' marines and do not give up or in. I left the theatre quite happy with my two hours of watching men fighting machines. Oh yes the sub plot that the aliens were here for our water - now that is interesting too.
I give this movie 3 starts out of 5. Worth viewing for many slants.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Last night I finally got to go see a movie again. My schedule has been such that I have not been able to see one for a few weeks. Unfortunately, I chose to see Rango, not that the choices at the theatre I was at was much. I really don’t know what to say except this is NOT a child’s movie. Although this was an afternoon session and there were not many people there I only heard the children there laugh once. I laughed more than that. This is an adult script, not a children’s one. I thought I would enjoy a lovely 2 hours. Forget it. I heard some teenagers afterwards saying it was the ‘boringest show ever’. Yes, not a great movie. I give it one star out of five. The one star is because I did laugh a few times.

Monday, February 28, 2011


I took myself to see the movie I Am Number Four the other night. I enjoyed this movie. I found its storyline of aliens amongst us, having been sent here as babies with a protector because another race had destroyed their planet interesting. The story line was pretty easy to follow. Nine babies sent to be raised with each one having a protector. One by one they were being killed and the movie begins with Number Three reaching his end by the 'bad guys' who have come to ensure they do not grow up. Number four is the next one on their list.
Due to the action and interaction of the actors the movie flowed easily and the bad guys were very easily bad guys. I enjoyed the little beagle who was a shape shifter. Mostly I enjoyed Number Four Alex Pettyfer (who could be called Prettyboy). I also enjoyed it when Number six arrived, being a girl, who seemed further in command of the super natural powers than Number four. I was sorry to see the Protector die, but then that's part of the story line, plus the whispery (wimpy) voice of the Glee girl, Dianna Agron, I felt like "grow up" although she did the running away from the 'bad guys' well.
What I find interesting is that as the three young people drive away in order to find the 'other four' I was thinking, well I'll come and see the sequel.  I presume there is a sequel, or if not there definitely could be. Drop the girl friend though.  I give this movie a solid 3 out of 5.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back from Regina, Sask.

Just a quick note for those who follow me (which I totally appreciate). I was home from New Zealand for a total of one week and then I flew to Regina, Sask. to reaudit Level 2 and 3 of the Yuen Method with Sheila Unique. It was an amazing six days away.
First of all, I flew to Vancouver, no problem at all, except snow was beginning to fall as I left (a sign). In Vancouver it was announced that the plane may or may not land in Regina due to a snow storm and fog and that we would need to get on the plane knowing this. We all piled in and took off to fly the 2 1/2 hours to Regina. I immediately began to work on us landing successfully. I had a class to go to the next morning. As we approached Regina the pilot announced that it did not look good, but they were going to go to 2,000 feet and see if anything opened up.  Once more I went to work and then the pilot announced "the weather has unexpectedly broken up and we can land". So we did. If I made a difference I don't know, but I did do some 'work' on the situation (and I'm sure others in the plane did too) and we landed successfully, even though we slid a bit on the runway before slowing down enough to not slide on the ice/snow.
That wasn't the worst part though. After getting the paper work for my rental car, I had to get to it in a cold, cold, blowing wind and the ground was icy snow packed. I was so glad to finally drag my suitcase to the car and get myself in. (I can't tell you how cold and horrible that part was).  I couldn't open the trunk so had to get the suitcase in on the back seat. This had a repercussion in that the little light which says the trunk is open stayed on and finally the battery ran down and the car would not start. (That's coming up).
Arrived at my friend Joyce's place and driving down the side street to her house was an experience in itself as well. The side street has two ruts in the snow in which you drive so the car was thrown around a bit. I became more used to this after a day or two of driving, but in the beginning it felt very strange. Regina has had a lot of snow and the snow on either side of the driveway of Joyce's house is around 6ft high where it has been thrown when cleared.
The next day Friday, I drove (using my GPS - I'm really getting fond of this little tool) to class. I met Sheila Unique and the three other students. This began three days of learning how to utilize this method I have been working with for a year on a whole new level, which I enjoyed and have come away feeling I'm more insinc with working with the system. I will have an opportunity later today with a client who is coming to visit. Our workshop was held in a building in which a most wonderful coffee shop was housed. Wonderful food, so our breaks you could have coffee/tea and an assortment of baked goodies, plus for lunch we had homemade soup with a bun. For an out-of-towner it was great!
In the evening I spent with my friend Joyce, we went once to see the movie True Grit, which I have seen before (see but Joyce hadn't. I enjoyed it just as much the second time and Joyce agreed with me about Matt Damon in that role.
On the Sunday night we went to see Unknown with Liam Neesom, and we enjoyed it, and have just posted my review of that on the other blog.
Monday I had the day to drive Joyce (she doesn't drive) to get what she wanted. This was the day my car did not start (thanks to that little light) and the CAA man came and got the car going, which meant that we had to go for a nice drive around to ensure the battery was recharged. We drove to the north of town and saw all the snow covered fields and the shifting snow in the wind. It was pleasant for Joyce to see. The CAA man told me the trunk was frozen solid and it was no wonder I could not open it. I also banged my head quite hard on the outside mirror of his truck as I slid a little on the snow. It hurt and is still sore, but I'm OK.
Tuesday saw me get up, luckily it was warmer only minus 18. The weather during the week had been - 21 to - 29.  Drove to the airport and after the horror show of getting to my car, it was a snap returning from the parked car to the rental counter.  Then the long flight - Regina to Calgary then Calgary to Vancouver then Vancouver to Penticton to get home. A few hours stop over in each place, so was quite tired when I arrived back. So took an easy evening, watching the NCIS shows while I looked through emails.
Now life will be back to normal. Walking at 11am then clients beginning at 12.30 and meditation tonight.
Trust your last week has been as productive and enjoyable as mine.
Lots to look forward will keep you apprised.
Blessings with love


While in Regina I braved the cold to go see Unknown. It was worth it. I enjoyed Taken, and if you liked Taken, you will like this movie. Liam Neeson is the 'star' in both and he definitely is wonderful in these kinds of roles (think A-Men).  It has wonderful car chases, in fact perhaps one to many car chases, but they are worth watching. The premise of a man who awakens after a four day coma following a car accident to discover his wife doesn't recognize him and another man is him.
The unravelling of this dilemma is what the movie is about, the twists and turns as you attempt to figure out what is actually going on is part of the fun of this movie. In the middle you are given a clue. A brief second on the screen and my mind went to almost (not quite) what was going on. The issue was a little different than I thought (and I'm good at figuring out plots). I can't let you know, because if you go see it you want to see it not knowing what it is all about. If you want to spend a couple of hours being entertained with car chases, unknown aspects, good acting by all characters and some twists and turns, then this is a movie for you to see.  Enjoy.  4 out of 5.  (Lost points for the one to many car chases).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just Go With It

I was pleasantly surprised with the movie Just Go With In.  I enjoyed it!  I'm not a huge Jennifer Aniston fan and some of Adam Sandler's movies I have found just plain stupid. But this one was one of his 'good' ones. I laughed a lot. In fact I was often the only person person laughing (my sense of humor). I truly believe everyone who was in the theatre with me (it was a Sunday night) left having enjoyed it. Even though the premise was not one which appeals, a man pretending to be married in order to get girls, but the situations were funny, hilarious sometimes. The children were great in their roles, and the support players, including Nicole Kidman acted their parts wonderfully. The chemistry between Jennifer and Adam was really good, the timing was good. It did not take too long to realise how the ending would be and we were all waiting for it and felt happy when he finally 'woke up' to the fact who he truly loved.
I'm not sure who directed and edited it, but they did a great job. I would give this movie 3 1/2 based on the fact you get a wonderful time of laughter.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Kings Speech

This evening I took my 93 year old sister-in-law's Mum to see the Kings Speech. She had said she wanted to see it, so I said "so do I, lets go". She is so spry it gives me hope for when I'm that old. Again the seats were wonderful - armchairs (read the last entry for the Fighter regarding the theatres here in New Zealand).
The Kings Speech is phenomenal. I don't think I have anything really to say except .... wow .... what a movie. This movie is wonderfully cast. Colin Firth, who is cleaning up on the award circuit so far is brilliant. Geoffrey Rush is wonderful and my big surprise truly is Helen Bohnam Carter, who to me does all sorts of crazy roles and here she is making the perfect Queen Mum. No wonder they got the ensemble award at the SAG awards the other night.
If you see one movie this year, this one is worth seeing. Based on the true story of King George VI you see behind the scenes on a time period when the world was in a bit of disarray with King Edward abdicating and the Second World War brewing. The story of how the King (the second son and all that means in royal households - think Prince Andrew and Prince Harry) who stammers had to overcome it all to speak on the radio and bring his people together. Brilliant. Triumph over adversity.
In all honesty I have to give this movie 5 out of 5, and hope the Oscars do give it to them, but who knows it is not an 'American' film. Although I do think Colin Firth will win it - hopefully.

The Fighter - movie review

Here I am in New Zealand and managed to see two movies today. First of all I must explain about the movie experience. I twice went to see this movie The Fighter at home and each time did not get to see it. I think I did not want to see people fighting. Anyway, today I had some time to spend and the Fighter was on. So into this theatre I went. Well first when you buy your ticket you also are at the concession stand so you can buy right there whatever you want to eat. Not that I had anything, but liked the idea of all in one. Then the lady who is selling me the ticket, turns the terminal around and picks a seat for me. So before I go in I know what seat I'm sitting in. Revolutionary! But, the big surprise came once I was in the theatre. Beautiful armchair chairs to sit in. Wow, what comfort. So here I am in a comfortable seat ready to watch the movie, which twice before I was going to go see and didn't. Third time lucky I guess.

The movie was way beyond my expectations. It really is a story of two brothers and this large family of nine, two boys and seven girls and the youngest boy in relationship with his crack head brother, who had been a boxer with promise. Now its the younger ones turn and how that works out.
I thought this movie was interesting. I look to see what emotions I feel during a movie. I laughed a couple of times, I definitely cried and I felt sad often. So the movie did its job. It took me through a range of feelings, it was very well acted and directed. Amy Adams shows a different character for her wonderfully well, foul mouth and all. Not enough can be said of the acting of my favorite batman. He had the character down perfectly. Mind you he is a phenomenal actor. When you see the clip at the end of the actual brothers you really appreciate how well he has acted the part. No wonder he is getting awards.  Walburg, also the producer did his part too. The quieter, younger brother who worshipped his older brother. You realize what he has to do in order to move ahead. 
I did not like the fight scenes, but they were mostly at the end of the movie wrapping up the story and I blanched a few times, but again well done.  This is a story of overcoming, overcoming family, overcoming beliefs and overcoming ones own doubts. Worth seeing -- it will no doubt get a couple of Oscars.  41/2 stars out of 5.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Green Hornet

I decided to go see The Green Hornet on Saturday night, over The Fighter. Although The Fighter won a couple of Golden Globes and had several nominations, I decided I wanted to see something funny, rather than serious and see people hit each other. Well, I did laugh a few times in The Green Hornet, but there was a lot of people hitting each other, but somehow it was not the same. Actually when I left the theatre I was quite peaceful. Surprisingly, since the movie itself it not something you want to recommend a person go see, in fact a friend had emailed not to bother go seeing it. I read that this am, two days after I went to see it.
I don't know anything about the Green Hornet, I don't know remember the TV show, or anything else around it. I had heard it was based on a comic book, and there had been a TV show.  Seth Rogan played the spoiled, neglected child/man frustratingly well. You just wanted him to disappear with his attitude. On retrospect, he did his job, you did not like him, and in the end he saw the error of his attitude.
The hero, the person who holds it all together is Kato his nameless sidekick. He was fantastic. Funny, great fighting skills, and all produced with an amount of humor. Yes, the movie could have been funnier, yes, the movie could have had 'more'. But I did not regret going. I did laugh, I did enjoy it even with getting frustrated with Seth Rogan's character. I'm not going to say run out the door to see it, but I'm glad I went.
Three stars out of five.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pillars of the Earth - a DVD set

I recently rented the three disk set of Pillars of the Earth on DVD. Eight hours of absolutely wonderful movie making. This is what movies are about. If you want to watch the ultimate in movie making, then make an effort to rent these DVD's or catch it on TV. If you can watch it like I did in one long run then do so. I began watching one night, and ended up watching until around 1am. Then I was back up at 7am to complete watching all the episodes before clients began arriving. But even going one disk at time is worth it.
As a person who is 'critical' of movie making, I could not find one thing wrong. Every person seemed the greatest for the role. Every scene was super well done. I was so impressed with everything I even took the time to watch all the extras at the end of each Disk.
The only thing is you must keep going on each disk. There are two or three sections on each disk, but what wonderful creative work. If you are not familiar with Ken Follet's book Pillars of the Earth, this DVD set will have you become aware. I have read the book twice (maybe three times) over the years since it came out. Its a spectacular story of intrique and weaving many different story lines together as it explores the politics and peoples of the times it is set in.
Great sets, great direction. Loved the director, who did all eight hours of this, plus the editing. Magnificent. Want to give yourself a treat going back in time. Then this is the DVD set to do it with.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Gulliver's Travels

I'm a Jack Black fan, so when my plans got changed I decided to drive north and see Jack Black's new film Gulliver's Travels. It is hard to describe what this movie is - of course it relates to the well known Gulliver's Travels, visiting the land of little people where he is a giant and then the land of giants where he is little. But, is this a children's film, an adult film a comedy or what? Somehow I felt it did not fall into any category completely. Its all of the above, yet not totally one of each. But it is a Jack Black film and I enjoyed it. I came away feeling contented and quite happy I had driven north. It is entertaining, funny in places, forced in others, but on the whole quite enjoyable. Want to spend some enjoyable time, then go see Gulliver's Travels. But don't look too hard for anything else but an enjoyable time.
I give this 3 1/2 out of 5.