Friday, December 9, 2011


I came away from watching Hugo in 3D wondering about the movie. Did I like it? What had I enjoyed? What did I not enjoy? I had heard it was hailed as the best 3D movie, and although I truly wanted to put that comment away I kept wondering why someone would say that. I really did like it when occasionally a person was speaking they seemed to come right out and be right in front while the background fell away. Or, was it because it seemed to show the movement of the clocks in high definition (HD) or what. Did I enjoy the movie? Now that is the question. As I have often found how tired I am can have an influence as to how I see a movie and it was the end of a long day of shopping, a massage and the general hussle and bussle of this time of the year, that could be a factor, and I thought the beginning part of the movie a bit too long, and did not grab me at all. In fact it wasn't until the young girl (played by Chloe Moretz) began her friendship with Hug (played wonderfully by Asa Butterfield) that my attention became full time. This friendship and interrelationship was definitely the mainstay of this movie. Sacha Baron as the Train Inspector was terrific as were all the 'bit players' of this movie. Sir Ben Kingsley was great as the irritable old toy shop keeper - in fact every actor played their part superbly. The acting was sublime. The interactions as the story built was great. So, what was the problem. I think the scenes held a bit too long on old metal objects, ie the clocks, the books (oh they are not metal) and the automaton upon which the movie rotates was the issue. Yes I'm being critical, but remember when I go to a movie I want to be moved, to laugh or enjoy the underlay story line. I found I was not moved as much as I could have been, but the relationship between the children was good, and some of the philosophy which came through, especially at the end was nice, but felt something missed the mark. Perhaps it was the hype, perhaps it was - who knows. Should you go see this movie - yes. The photography by the master Martin Scorese is worth seeing, the old time look (after world war I) is great. Paris always is lovely at any time of the year, especially when snow is coming down - even when created. In looking back each segment of the movie was wonderfully done, so what was missing. I don't know something for me was, you need to go see it and see for yourself. I truly would like comments on this one.
3 out of 5.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The Muppets movie is worth seeing. Even if you are not a super duper Muppet fan, there are components in this movie which are enjoyable. The story line is simple, and yet somehow enduring. Although I was not a big Muppet fan, I do enjoy Miss Piggy and of course Kermit is always a hit. I don't know all the names of the Muppet gang, as I missed the Muppet years. My ignorance was I did not even realize they were no longer on T.V. But, in saying that, as they travel around gathering all the main Muppet people, you get an insight of who they are. I loved the performances which happened when they were doing their show in order to save the theatre. And of course, the 'bad man' changes his mind, and they get to keep their theatre. Perhaps more movies would be in order. Up until they were all performing and doing their acts I was amused, but the acts were terrific - true Muppet style - how puppets manage to create an emotional response, I do not know, yet they do it. Of course all us Miss Piggy fans were delighted that she and Kermit get back together. I think kids will enjoy this, the action and dance sequences and there is a lot to watch in the large scenes. Jason Segal, who seems to have been the main thrust of this movie, by being one of the writers as well as the star. He had a delightful interaction with Amy Adams but the movie is the Muppets - somehow I think they will be back..

Happy Feet 2

I had enjoyed Happy Feet a lot, so I went with great enthusiasm to see Happy Feet 2 in 3D. I was not disappointed, in fact, there is a song near the end, when I had tears brimming over the sides of my eyes. Eric, the little penguin, who cannot dance, sings a song to his father, this most operatic voice comes out of this little bundle of a penguin and I lost it. But the stealer's of the show are the two shrimp voiced by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. The philosophies of life which comes forth in this movie, besides the singing and dancing of the penguins, with help from Elephant Sea Lions and another group of penguins. I found myself laughing, crying and thoroughly enjoying some of the scenes (especially those philosophical shrimps). I'm not  sure that one has to see this movie in 3D, but the movie does bring you to many different emotions. Adventurous young penguins going off, concerned father following, the singing and dancing of massive amounts of penguins (is there really that many in the Antarctic). The awareness of the warming and the effect it has on the climate and therefore on its inhabitants. And the humor, lots of humor. I'm not sure how much a young child would enjoy this, but as an adult, I did. Worth going to see, I think so. Happy Feet 2, makes you happy and the time worthwhile. Although I do not think it is as good as Happy Feet 1. But then, what sequel is.
3 1/2 stars out of 5.