Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I found it hard to write about this movie. What do I say?  Violence, yes, Lots of action actors, yes. Story line weak. Yes. Did I enjoy it, sort of. It was the 'sort of' which is the issue. I went to see this movie because I thought I needed to see it, plus it was very hot and the afternoon would be spent in a cool environment. Not much of a reason. As the movie began the first 10 minutes or so, I was wondering on my choice of the afternoon, after all I could have seen The Other Guys. But no, I had opted to go see Sylvester Stallone and the boys. Violence was the key, plus the coloring and how the movie was shot was not my favorite. My favorite bit was when Arnold 'the Terminator' was in a scene and Bruce Willis's character asks "what's his problem" and the answer from Sylvester is "He wants to be President".  I laughed out loud at that one. And that is what saves this movie, the humor. The writers, of which Sylvester was one had the humor quotient just right. (Except for the first 10 minutes). I found Jason Statham's character 'Christmas' was well done, and I enjoyed his character, but then he was the humor foil and the philosophy person. The other characters, well they were there, although Jet Li, looking older and larger in build was his usual self. I did not really realize he was so short, which a number of jokes were about. The most telling aspect about the movie was I was aware of myself through the movie, I was aware of my legs, reaching for my water bottle, of getting a snack. I am never aware of myself in a 'good' movie. I'm caught up in the action, the storyline, the acting.  So all in all Expendables is expendable. Not a movie I would recommend, but for the action, the humor, not the violence.  I would give this 2 stars out of 5.  Stay home, or go see something else.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Step Up 3D

Yesterday I drove nearly 1 hour north to go see Step Up 3D. Arriving just as the movie was beginning I  was able to find a seat (in the dark) and put on my 3D glasses and begin watching the story evolve. Mostly I was there for the dancing. After being a fan of So You Think You Can Dance in both the US and Canada I knew I would enjoy the movie and I did. Was it the classic of all time - no. But it was entertaining and the dancing is good. The story line was the usual boy/girl scenerio, so nothing new there and I actually laughed out loud once. I think they could have had a little bit more humor in the movie, but again the storyline held up and we were there mostly for the dancing. The final dance routine, with the lights going was worth seeing several times. Its probably made it to internet by now. It was good. Was it worth traveling to see it in 3D. I think so. I give it 3 stars out of 5 for dance entertainment. Not a movie I will rush out to see, but if its in my local theatre in 2D (we don't have 3D) I will go again.