Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Hundred Foot Journey

Every now and again we are given a movie which is absolutely ‘delightful’ to see. The Hundred-Food Journey is one of those movies. Slowly paced, but not too slow, character and story line building so you come to understand the main characters and their nuances. This is a movie which talks about bravery of leaving what you know to go to the unknown. Of courage of being able to go after what you want and achieve it. And most of all a movie of honoring what is really important to yourself.    

Helen Mirren plays Madam Mallory a proprietress of a celebrated French restaurant. Om Puri plays Papa, the head of the Indian family who opens an Indian restaurant right across the street from Madam Mallory. Tmanish Dayal plays Hassan, the son who is a gifted chef, who trains under Madam Mallory and Charlotte LeBon plays the beautiful Marguerite. These characters form the square upon which the movie is built upon. Oh yes there are others, but the dynamics between these four is what makes this movie work.

You may wonder why you would want to see a movie about French and Indian food, but it is really a movie about relationships, around food. I said to myself at the end ‘delightful’ and it is. A delightful movie, reminding us of hope, achievement of goals is possible and underneath everything love.

4 out of 5. (Go see this and be delighted).




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